Jun 24, 2010
So I installed a Scythe Fuma 2 on my 3700x and was getting good temps but had to redo some messy wiring in my pc and I just thought I would double check tightness on everything. I was able to tighten my cpu cooler a little more I guess since it ran and heated up the thermal paste. In hindsight I'm not sure if that if was the right move, can I have hurt the cpu doing so? I mean it ran fine after maybe a few degrees hotter and I think the room temperature had just gone up as my gou went up a few degrees too but it topped out at 66 so it seems ok. Should I loosen it a little or just leave it. I heard the Fuma 2 doesn't have to be super tight after I did it. Any input is appreciated, thanks
as long as you are not really straining when you tighten it it shouldn't be much of a problem.
they are designed to be on rather tight.

if you would be attempting to loosen the connection now i would recommend cleaning off previous paste application and redoing the installation.