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Question CPU overheating problem. Recently updated bios, wondering if it could be related?


Dec 31, 2007
I have an i7-8700 @3.2GHz processor
Asus B360M-A motherboard
GTX 1060 3GB gpu

Last week in my desperate attempt to get RDR2 working one of the suggested fixes was to update bios, i did this through the tool in the motherboard bios used on startup. Updated to BIOS 2603. Since then my computer has restarted itself 4 times while im playing a game, either RDR2 or Borderlands 3. When it restarts i get a screen (not bsod) with a CPU overtemp warning. I installed both ASUS fan xpert and SpeedFan, speed fan shows temps but no fan controls, using Fan Xpert i have my fans set to highest right now and my idle temp is around 40c and right now with WoW and Firefox with 3 tabs running is about 55c, if i start any game with serious requirements like rdr or bl3 it jumps to almost 80 prompting a restart.

Could this be due to the bios update? I have a can of air en route and am going to clean it out tomorrow but, wondering what other details or settings i could go over to help fix this temperature issue.

Thanks in advance for any help!