Mar 6, 2012
Question is G620/G630 enough for bf3 multiplayer with 64 player maps?
Medium/high settings 1440x900/1920x1080 i like to hook up my PC to the living room once in a while

I have a 460 v2 already and I'm being bottlenecked by my phenom I x3 8400 @ 2.1 GHz(i think)

I also have the choice of the following processors
Athlon ii x2 260
Athlon ii x3 455
Phenom ii x4 955
phenom ii x4 965

I3 2100
i3 2120

Wont be overclocking until i get an aftermarket heat sink

I read that the I3 2120>I3 2100>G850>Phenom ii x4 965>Phenom ii x4 955>G630>G630> Athlon ii x3 455> Athlon ii x2 260 (all stock)

However i have yet to a Multiplayer benchmark results for bf3 using the G620/G630

Only reason i am thinking of G620/G630 is due to placeholder until a year or two pass to upgrade to a I5 2500k or even I5 3550k

Reason for AMD CPU is for possible upgrade for P.D CPU

Motherboard for Intel will be Asrock Z68 extreme3/Asrock p67 pro3
Motherboard for AMD will be Asrock 970 extreme3

Oh and are the Z68/P67 able to overclock?

i know that the Intel CPU cant be overclocked unless the k is at the end

I will also like to have a CPU that can encode video/music fast and able to fraps

Also not sure what is it but my 460 v2 cant seem to break 30 fps at medium/low settings on bfbc2 while my 5570 use to be able to get 35fps on the same settings but dip only a bit and im running the game on DX9... once i hit DX11 i get like 9 fps on both cards.... might be my CPU which is why i need to upgrade
I don't understand a lot from your post what you're trying to do but here it's;
Single Player is different than multiplayer in some particular games;
For online games and multiplayer with huge maps it depends more in CPU power especially in RPG games, some members with top end cards report low FPS in multiplayer games due to a CPU botleneck.

G620/G630 are a bottlenecks for any modern games, modern games utilize more cores and more L2/L3 cache and a faster per clock CPUs

Since all AMD CPUs are a bottleneck in RPG games such as Skyrim and WOW, you need to look at a high end CPU from Intel like the 2500K if you wanna play BF3 online @1080P.