mobb deep

Apr 25, 2012
Hello, I'm searching for an upgrade for my computer.
I currently have this motherboard

The motherboard is clean nothing wrong with it, My cpu is really slow and i run an intel celeron 450 which is pretty slow for gaming. I play the game "Runescape" I lagg pretty bad just being on the game and having teamspeak 3 and browsing the web.
I was wondering if you guys have any CPU suggestions which will let me play the game and do other things without lagging or game issues.

I found a site called they have some pretty decent CPU's

I was wondering if this would work on my motherboard

please reply quickly, i have 2 days to decide.



The Intel Pentium D you linked will work. But better get the maximum upgrade with Core 2 Duo E7xxx (Wolfdale-M). As suggested by amuffin, look for it in ebay. Here are few choices:
If it exceeds your budget, then you can go progressively lower with the following options: E7200, E4XXX. They are very easy to find in Ebay.