Jan 26, 2012
Hi I have had a problem with my processor *amd fx 4100* when its idle it runs about 20-30 Celsius but when I use some some program that needs some cpu usage like minecraft it reachs about 90degrees and just shuts down!

I don't know what it is. my airflow is great with 5 case fans. redid the thermal paste. I still use the stock cooler.

Should I send it back to amd 4 warranty or something? ive only had it for bout 1 month now!!

cpu: fx 4100
mb: GB 970a-d3
ram: 16gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz
case: coolermaster elite 430 black


*temps read with gigabyte touch bios and core temp +HW MONITOR
90C is WAY too high, even on an Intel CPU, but on a FX CPU, that's truly roasting. Get some new thermal paste (if you don't already have some), clean off the old stuff completely, and reapply and make sure that the HSF is seated well.

You might also want to think about an aftermarket cooler.