Mar 26, 2010
I'm currently using @ Q6600.
I use HWMonitor to monitor the temps of my CPU.

I'm looking to overclock my CPU to about 2.8/3.0 but I had a problem with the Temp reading, I've looked around but all people seem to tell is the difference between the two.

When I'm judging safe temps for my CPU, should I be looking at the CPU Temp according to the motherboard, of the CPU temp according to the cores.
@ 3.0 on a 100% load my CPU Temp is reaching 60 C (I do alot of video editing so I am frequently there), but the Core Temps are about 75.

I obviously don't want to cause damage to the CPU, so should I be looking at Core temps for my max temp or no?

You should be looking at the core temperatures and that is extremely hot. Past the thermal limit for that CPU.
Load your CPU with a program called Prime95. You can also use it to check CPU stability. Your CPU will hit it's maximum possible temperature on load with that program running.


I don't know what cooler you are using, but that does seem a bit high if you plan on running it there for any amount of time. I'd look at A) your cooler and thermal paste B) what your Vcore volts are and get them as low as possible. My 8200 ran at 60C under Prime, but idle kicked down to 28C. I got a Corsair H50 liquid cooler cause I didn't like that high of temps, and idle is now 23C and under Prime it's 40C. Much happier, and all I did was change the cooler. I'm running at 3.0 GHz too, albeit a different CPU...