Question CPU using 1 core and 2 threads

Oct 19, 2020
Ok so my current cpu as of now is the i3-3120m but its only using 1 core and 2 threads yes i already tried msconfig and didnt work I bought a new laptop and took the hard drive out of my old one and put it into my new laptop which had a terrible apu AMD e-300 BUT the i3 3120m has 2 cores and 4 threads so why is it stuck on 1 core and 2 threads? can i get some help and fix it?

Math Geek

step 1. do a clean windows install!! switching from amd to intel REQUIRES a clean windows install to configure it properly.

complete that step, then see how it goes. i am willing to bet, this will fix the issue. if not, then we can work on troubleshooting from there.

step 2. SEE STEP 1!!!
In similar cases I have either go into msconfig and in the boot tab open the advanced options and just untick the choose processors and see if that fixes it. Reboot. Sometimes it works the second time.
Also rtry emoving the CPU from the Device manager and rebooting.