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Question Create and merge virtual connections?


Oct 20, 2011
Im trying to figure out if there is a way to run multiple instances of a vpn, and then merge/bridge those connections.

I currently use ipvanish, and it creates a virtual network device. is there a way to force multiple instances of the service and merge those together?

I have a gigabit internet connection but best i ever get from my vpn, is 200-250mb connection, but i avg half that. Im allowed 5 simultaneous connections.

Hoping there is a software solution. A hardware solution im thinking of would involve 5 modded routers, and 5 nic cards :/
Check the cpu load on your machine vpn is very cpu intensive, it could be your limitation.

The short answer is you can't do it, the longer answer

Something like this will only work if you control the far end and can place software there.

You have 2 major problems that can not be easily solved.

The largest is the vpn sessions will have different IP addresses. This means that you can not combine the 2 sessions to get more bandwidth on a single transfer. You might get 2 transfers running to different locations but it will not increase the speed to a single transfer. You also run the risk of getting blocked by hacking detection software. If for example you were to log into a game server authentication server with 1 session and then attempt to access a world server with the other.

So lets say you have a way to get all vpn sessions to share the same IP.

Your second problem is now you get packets out of order. Say a session has a 1500byte packet and 10 150 byte packets. So it will send the large packet on 1 connection and the 10 small packets on the other both taking the same time. The receiving side will get all 10 small packets first. Out of order packets causes the received to think data has been lost and you will get requests for data retransmissions and session drops.

There is 1 vpn service that lets you attempt to combine internet connection. At least they in the fine print admit this problem. Their solution is to send all the data on both links......well duhh I double my bandwidth but then just double the data I send...might as well use 1 link.

There is of course a solution for this. Very expensive boxes (think the price of a car) can chop the packets at the bit level and then put them back together on the far end.

In any case you must have the ability to place a server at the far end of the vpn connection like in a data hosting center rather than a simple vpn service.