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  1. sharkeyboy

    Question Wireless Router with multiple networks and VPNs

    Hi Guys This is probably a really vague question, but I'm looking to basically have a home office setup whereby I have the ability to connect to different networks, for different clients. Clients might require a VPN. So ideally simply switching networks will mean that I'm automatically...
  2. Perseidit

    Question Strange disconnect issue while playing ESO

    Hello tom's hardware ! I have a very strange problem concerning while playing Elder scrolls online. I keep getting random and very frequent disconnects not related to any specific time or thing going on in the game. This problem occurs only while playing this particular game. Any other games...
  3. King Dranzer

    Question VPN Service with Servers in India.

    What VPN services have servers in India. And not some Random Virtual VPN as I plan to avoid few specific states(Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland and Telangana). But dedicated VPN. Please can some one look into it.
  4. Jararado

    Question I cannot internet unless I am using VPN. Why?

    My computer displays that I'm connected to the internet, but whenever I go to any page nothing will load. I've tried troubleshooting, I'm up to date, all my drivers are good. Issue persists with wifi or ethernet connection. The strange thing is, if I use my VPN everything works fine. My pc is...
  5. T

    Question VPN into my home's network ?

    Hello all, I have an unusual issue that I hope someone could help me with. I currently work for a company that requires IP whitelisting of my home network. If I go on overseas trips, how do I connect to my hotel's wifi, redirect it to my home network to do work related tasks ? Preferably no...
  6. K

    Question Digitalocean care about warez download?

    Im going to buy a Digitalocean vps and use it as a vpn. I know DO care about DMCA, if i use torrent can shut down my VPS but im not use torrent. Just download warez movies from web sites, maybe file sharing site, download mp3...DO allow this or same reaction with torrenting?
  7. aden.anderson2001

    [SOLVED] Making an app without proxy settings use system proxy on windows 11

    Hello. I'm hosting a connection from my phone to my router using an app called everyproxy. Therefor with whatever device i connect to that router i get that IP and port. I have set my windows settings on my PC to use that proxy, through windows settings. My phone-hosted IP is detected on my...
  8. Tyler.Rowley

    Question Windows 11 - Hosted Network Support: No

    Hello all, I'm attempting to set up a virtual router for a VPN and I've attempted every troubleshooting tutorial and video out there and cant figure this out. I will first explain where I'm currently stuck followed by the steps I have already taken. Where I'm stuck... Driver...
  9. K

    Question My internet is slow when not on vpn

    A few weeks ago I noticed my internet is oddly slow, the experience was very reminiscent of dial up days. but I have 1 gig up and down bandwidth from my ISP. When I first started noticing it I was trying to draw random conclusions like: I went to alibaba and all of the sudden my amazon cart...
  10. C

    Question Turn a laptop with VPN on it into a proxy ?

    Machine A: is a laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise and a locked down version of Pulse Secure VPN client - all it can do is connect/disconnect. Machine B: is a desktop running Ubuntu 22.04 They are both connected to the same local broadband router. I do have admin access for both machines and...
  11. M

    Question Turning an extra Netgear router into a wireless access point and VPN ?

    I currently have a R8000 Netgear Nighthawk wireless router hooked up to my Xfinity modem. I then have several network switches throughout the house with hard wired equipment attached (PS5, Xbox, FireTV, laptops, MAC, Windows desktops, etc). All works good. I recently was given a Netgear...
  12. Jan Sramek

    Question VPN Router

    Hello, I would like to find a router by which is possible to connect to another WiFi network wirelessly. So one which has AP mode or WiFi extend mode. And it is possible to configure VPN client in this mode. The goal is be able to connect to another public WiFi router wirelessly and via my...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] VPN - Can it slow down the Wi-fi speed of others connected to the same network with it on/is it possible to not get any slowed network speed?

    Does using VPN use up more Wi-fi/data than normal if you didn't have it on, and if it does would that mean having VPN on can also slow down the Wi-fi speed for others who are connected to the same network? How? Is it also possible to have a VPN that does not slow down your internet speed at...
  14. G

    Question VPN connected but websites not loading

    I've been subscribing VPN.ht for couple years now. It had its ups and downs, but in general it was always how it is - cheap and reliable (give me a $4.9-9/month VPN in 2022 and I'll be mowing your lawn for free for an undisclosed period of time). The problem is, it stopped working. Sort of. I...
  15. Pamazu

    Question Need a Small VPN business! Help to find one please

    Hey good morning! I would love your help finding a VPN business that is not too popular but good. I'm doing a podcast and would be thrilled to search for a sponsorship from a VPN business. If you don't know, then where could I find that information? Anything you could do would be greatly...
  16. AKHato

    Question How to redirect an open port from an x app to another port ?

    So I play games , rockstar games rdr2 online, and the game asks me to open port 6672, but the thing is my router doesn't have a port forward option / DMZ at all, and I cant connect to rockstar without using VPN, and if I'm not using VPN I must restart and wait my router / gpon to change to the...
  17. U

    Question Months of Packet Loss & Jitter Problems

    About 2 months ago I started experiencing pretty bad packet loss, on and off every few hours. 2-8 hours of stability, 2-8 hours of ~2% packet loss peaking in and out, repeat. About 2-3 weeks ago instant jitter also started becoming an issue, peaking out around 100ms. In the two months since...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Question regarding VPN and Gaming

    I work from home and often times i'll want to start up a game to play while on break, lunch, waiting between calls, etc. However, all of my games do not work when i'm connected via vpn, i have to disconnect VPN, then load up game. is there a way to setup a couple tunnels, one is the VPN which...
  19. Lucas Rosa

    Question When I put the Static IP I lose internet connection ?

    I'm facing a problem. We have several places that work by vpn from cisco and I can ping from this place to another with my static IP but I lose the internet connection and when i put the automatic DHCP back in it keeps working but I can't ping the remaining machines, the others locals all have...
  20. Y

    [SOLVED] Difference between these two ways to use vpn

    Hi, I would like to learn the difference between using a vpn service provided by vpn focused providers and using a vpn service provided by seedbox/data hosting focused providers such as seedboxco(which I'm using).My seedbox provider seedboxco allows me to install openvpn on seedbox and than...
  21. hackerk

    [SOLVED] What is the base OS version in pulse connect secure?

    I am in need of Pulse connect secure base OS version for firmware version 9.1R12.1 I tried to connect support, but they said that they can not provide this information.
  22. N

    Question Using a VPN on PC, while on a mobile hotspot

    So I am having an issue using a VPN on a PC (Windows 10) on a mobile network (Android). I can connect to the hotspot fine if the VPN is turned off on both devices, however if the VPN is enabled on my phone, my PC is not connected to the VPN. Inversely, if I turn the VPN on my PC, there is no...
  23. Gunshot1

    Question Ping Spikes

    Hi. I faced a problem recently. When I connect to OpenVPN UDP sometimes my ping goes so high and it was ok a week ago. First I thought maybe it is the vpn server problem so I tested it with my friends pc and there was no problem and no ping spikes! I'll leave photos below. And I have another...
  24. D

    Question QBitTorrent sometimes connects to peers and downloads ?

    My QBitTorrent has been working but for the last couple of days I gets no peers nor does it download and in the connection status it says "no direct connections". I use SurfShark VPN and I can still surf web pages with the VPN. I have tried to troubleshoot my problem as follows: Adding ports...
  25. G

    [SOLVED] VPN for 5$?

    I've been a VPN.ht user since 2017. For any reason, it's not working anymore: I can't log in, can't pay for the service, they guys are not returning messages. I guess it's time for a new VPN then. The thing is, all providers I came across are offering 2, 3, even 5 year plans. That won't work...
  26. N

    [SOLVED] Wired connection experiencing heavy packet loss whilst gaming ?

    Hi, I've been plagued with network issues for a long period of time whilst gaming. These issues are persistent and extreme. I mainly play Warzone. However i've experienced the same issues on CSGO. The issue itself is a 10/20 second full disconnect whilst playing. During this time period I can...
  27. _dawn_chorus_

    Question Best app to change your mobile phone location ?

    I want a couple of apps to think I am several miles south in a major city center vs my suburb, ideally I would love it if google maps would still recognize where I actually am but I imagine if its one its all. Would a regular VPN be able to do this? Looking at NordVPN but its $50 for a year and...
  28. Bxzza

    [SOLVED] sound dies while using a vpn

    (apologies if this is in the wrong thread category) iso i have a razer kraken running through the razer 7.1 surround sound software, and i have for a long time with no problems, i recently was using a vpn and for some reason while vpn’s my sound completely cut out from just that one input, i...
  29. S

    Question I forgot my computer pin and I can't connect to the internet to reset it

    A few months back Windows 10 forced me to set a pin and I did so begrudgingly, writing down the pin on a post-it note and with the intention of resetting it when I had the time. Now a few months down the line, I've not bothered to remove the pin, the post-it is long since lost and today...
  30. Bullet_Science

    Discussion ExpressVPN CIO faces fines for spying on human rights activists and journalists and now has to share info with FBI

    Intriguing news at the cybersecurity industry: This week, the gov of the United States Department of Justice released the news that former U.S intelligence agents face fines for using their authority and information to spy on human rights activists and journalists. One of them is Daniel...
  31. S

    [SOLVED] WiFi Repeaters - Internet Snooping?

    I recently bought a WiFi repeater to cover a dead area in my house, and it works so well, I am a little concerned. All I had to do, was connect it to my WiFi network with the password, and now it seemlessly repeats my Internet signal. My devices don't seem to know they are communicating via the...
  32. K

    [SOLVED] Antivirus + VPN bundle

    Dear forum members, I'm looking for an antivirus + VPN all in one package or bundle. Last year I bought Norton antivirus as they advertised they come with a VPN. And it's true, I installed the antivirus and turned the VPN on. Then over the next few weeks I noticed I still get really targeted...
  33. M

    [SOLVED] nordvpn on an older version of mac osx ?

    I know this is a ridiculous question but is there a way to download nordvpn on a mac osx 10.7.5? if not is it possible to some how teather the connection from that mac osx 10.7.5 to a device running the nordvpn?
  34. Nexios

    [SOLVED] VPN: Remote server is not responding (sometimes)

    I'm trying to figure out why a VPN connection will work one day, and not the next. With the only thing that happened inbetween was the computer going to sleep and waking up again. Myself and occasionally 1 coworker have this issue. 3+ coworkers never have an issue connecting to VPN. Below are...
  35. H

    [SOLVED] Any recommendation for VPN software that supports both Windows and Android ?

    Like the title said, any recommend? I'm planning to buy a yearly price plan if it has a good quality, like in speed stability and availability of the server. and of course privacy.. and support for Windows and Android, please.
  36. R

    [SOLVED] Router with bandwidth control on ethernet port

    Hi, I was wondering if I can get a list of routers that can do the following: Control bandwidth on each ethernet port. Monitor the bandwidth on each ethernet port showing how much data they have used because I have an allowance of 2TB per month. Monitor the bandwidth of each device connected...
  37. M

    Question Alternative to PIA VPN

    I have been using PIA for the past 2-3 years and I am still thinking whether or not to renew my subscription, the reason is that PIA is low-key stopping their support for Win7 but otherwise the service is okay. I am well aware of the shortcomings of Win7 but for the foreseeable future I am going...
  38. J

    Question SSID not showing

    Hi Folks, Hopefully this is the right place to ask this. I recently got a new LG TV, one of the nanocell ones, to give a rough date of the device. I'm trying to get my VPN working with it. As i don't have a VPN supported router, and the TV uses WebOS rather than android. I'm trying to use my...
  39. zerikscythe

    [SOLVED] Create and merge virtual connections?

    Hello, Im trying to figure out if there is a way to run multiple instances of a vpn, and then merge/bridge those connections. I currently use ipvanish, and it creates a virtual network device. is there a way to force multiple instances of the service and merge those together? I have a gigabit...
  40. DecentDumplingDan

    [SOLVED] Only Firefox connects to internet and nothing else in my machine

    **Right now i managed to make some programs to connect by forcing them to run on TCP ports. Quick description of problem: At first nothing but firefox was connecting. Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Zoom, programs and apps in my system wouldnt connect to internet this also included to apps on...