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  1. H

    [SOLVED] Any recommendation for VPN software that supports both Windows and Android ?

    Like the title said, any recommend? I'm planning to buy a yearly price plan if it has a good quality, like in speed stability and availability of the server. and of course privacy.. and support for Windows and Android, please.
  2. R

    Question Router with bandwidth control on ethernet port

    Hi, I was wondering if I can get a list of routers that can do the following: Control bandwidth on each ethernet port. Monitor the bandwidth on each ethernet port showing how much data they have used because I have an allowance of 2TB per month. Monitor the bandwidth of each device connected...
  3. M

    Question Alternative to PIA VPN

    I have been using PIA for the past 2-3 years and I am still thinking whether or not to renew my subscription, the reason is that PIA is low-key stopping their support for Win7 but otherwise the service is okay. I am well aware of the shortcomings of Win7 but for the foreseeable future I am going...
  4. J

    Question SSID not showing

    Hi Folks, Hopefully this is the right place to ask this. I recently got a new LG TV, one of the nanocell ones, to give a rough date of the device. I'm trying to get my VPN working with it. As i don't have a VPN supported router, and the TV uses WebOS rather than android. I'm trying to use my...
  5. zerikscythe

    Question Create and merge virtual connections?

    Hello, Im trying to figure out if there is a way to run multiple instances of a vpn, and then merge/bridge those connections. I currently use ipvanish, and it creates a virtual network device. is there a way to force multiple instances of the service and merge those together? I have a gigabit...
  6. Question Only Firefox connects to internet and nothing else in my machine

    **Right now i managed to make some programs to connect by forcing them to run on TCP ports. Quick description of problem: At first nothing but firefox was connecting. Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Zoom, programs and apps in my system wouldnt connect to internet this also included to apps on...
  7. Question Help Setting up Network

    Hi All, I need some help setting up my home network, i need it done in a certain way, i dont know much about networks other than a few basic commands, but this is my current set up What i want to do is - Red box devices to connect to Router 2 (VPN) for internet access Both Routers have DHCP...
  8. J

    Question VPN from home PC to online Work software

    Very much a novice here and need some advice. Working from home and using a VPN. I log in to Outlook 365 online for work. I also log into an online database for work. Both of these are completely online. The VPN I use is something I purchased for home. There is no work software installed on my...
  9. W

    Question Work from home without OpenVPN

    Hello, I want to connect my job website and I have instruction about how to connect using OpenVPN but it say I need username password. They didn't gave me any username and password, So is there any other way? BTW I already tried contact our admin but few admin for lot of people and I'm kind of...
  10. elbilly

    DirectvGo and VPN

    Hi guys, Like a year ago I moved from Argentina to Spain. I still pay for my DirecTV account. When I got here I noticed I couldn't use DirecTV Go's app or its live web broadcast because it's not available in Europe. I started using a vpn, which works great and fast, but it doesn't do everything...
  11. M

    Question Does VPN slow your connection down?

    My girlfriend got a job recently and she has to do it home office. With this, she's using a VPN to use the company's system and all. For now, it's just training and she's on a call on Microsoft Teams with a lot of people. Maybe that can be the cause, but anyway. On my PC, I've been experiencing...
  12. W

    Question VPN doesn't reduce my ping anymore

    I currently live in Australia and I usually play cs with my friends from Malaysia so I always play with 250-300ping-ish. So recently I used nord VPN to try to decrease my ping and it did (around 150ping) but it suddenly just didn't work about after 2 weeks and I decided to switch VPN as I...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Looking for simple internet kill program on IP change

    I am looking for a simple program that detects when IP address on your computer is changed and it disables your entire computer connection to the internet. I find these kind of method to be the best prevention of exposing your real IP address when using proxy.
  14. [SOLVED] Question about L2TP configuration

    Hi everyone! I'm configuring my TL-R600VPN for a L2TP VPN connection and I have a doubt: in the manual there's a server, a client and a user (optional) configuration. Why is "user configuration" optional? How could I connect using simply the "client" configuration Under "client" configuration...
  15. N

    [SOLVED] Confused on Setting up the proper VPN Network for my home

    So I have a desktop, a few wireless devices (typically 3), Roku and Firestick connected to a non-smart TV. I want to have them running under a VPN network via NordVPN. How to go about this is where my confusion lies. Setting up NordVPN on my phone or the desktop appears simple via the apps...
  16. ashlynthecat

    [SOLVED] Several problems with my laptop: cameras not attached, internet only working through VPN, and internet only working in browsers

    My Samsung Series 5 notebook has run into several problems. I have my firewall and anti-virus off. First, I got the 0xA00F4244 "no cameras are attached" error when trying to use my webcam. My webcam has worked in the past, but I don't know when exactly it stopped working because I haven't tried...
  17. Muhammad Jahid

    [SOLVED] Can I hide all the vpn application from playstore using my router?

    I dont want anybody downloading vpn from play store using my wifi router. Is it somehow possible?
  18. E

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to use tcpvpn.com free vpn service

    Hi i have windows 10 pc. i use openvpn (v11.12.0.0) software and config file from tcpvpn.com . Is it safe to use tcpvpn.com free vpn service?
  19. Jarvice

    [SOLVED] My connection is detected as a VPN while I'm not even using one

    So the place where I live recently got a new connection through optical fiber. However, this came with an odd problem: some websites block access to their site because they detect a VPN while I'm not even using one. When I use an IP checker the location is indeed wrong and this applies to all my...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] vpn on preinstalled ddwrt router

    if i were to purchase a preinstalled ddwrt router do i still have to subscribe to a vpn service in order to use vpn on the ddwrt router? I don't want to spent almost $200 on a preinstalled ddwrt if I still have to pay to use some of the features.