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    [SOLVED] TalkTalk router Sagemcom FAST 5364 with Netgear Nighthawk R7000 VPN

    So, following my post here, I decided to set up VPN via another router on bill001g's recommendation. I got the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 (AC1900) and received it today. TL;DR -- Logged on to TT's router admin panel on to install ExpressVPN's firmware onto it. It didn't recognise the...
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    Question Ubuntu running VPN messed up my internet connection

    I have been running Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit) for a while now without any problems as far as network + broadband connectivity is concerned. Last week, I purchased ExpressVPN and installed and configured it. The setup was, honestly, very straight-forward. I connected to my first VPN region and...
  3. Question Tracert request times out on some sites/services, unless I'm connected to a VPN

    Hello, This is my first post here since I couldn't find a thread about this on the internet. For about 2 weeks I had internet issues. When I try to access certain sites ie. 9gag or reserved, I get a request timed out on tracert. This happens also to some services like discord. My first guess...
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    Question Cannot connect to minecraft server without using a VPN.

    So my friend setup this minecraft server for my friends and I to join. He has done this multiple times in the past using the same IP, but this particular time I am unable to connect with my computer. I've tested this on a second computer on the same network and it did not work. When I enable...
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    [SOLVED] Best way to setup ("layer"?) my firewall, VPN, NAS, Plex, etc on one PC through Windows 10/UnRaid

    I'm looking for a little advice on the best way to setup and "layer" what I'm trying to do with some of my networked components. I've got a rack that I've built a rack-mount Windows 10 PC into, mid-level i5 Intel CPU with a half dozen drives attached and connects to a KVM for...
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    Question VPN

    How can I get VPN from my homecomputer to my computer at work through firewall and other securities?
  7. K

    Question Double NAT - How to access server without port forwarding.

    I've been reading about this for days, but i just can't figure out exactly what i need to do. If i wanted to access my plex server, but im unable to port forward (no access to main router) how would i go about doing this? I've read about reverse tunneling, also tried to make an OpenVPN server...
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    Question Which UK ISPS block VPS like that on the Opera Browser or Torrents and which don't?

    Which UK ISPS block VPNS like that on the Opera Browser or Torrents and Which don't? Girlfriend is looking for a new ISP without any annoying blocks, especially for TV torrents etc given how bowing this lock down is
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    Question Connecting to VPN knocks out home internet

    Users from my workplace are now working from home using the AT&T VPN client. I have two (with Virgin Media) who's entire internet connection drops out when they try to connect to the VPN and can only be fixed by rebooting the router. Yesterday I managed to get one temporarily up and running by...
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    Question Sudden problem with connecting to office VPN

    I have been working from home for the past couple of weeks, and today I was randomly unable to connect to my office VPN. If I launch my 3rd party VPN privateinternetaccess, it lets me connect, but then I am unable to RDP to my work PC. Am I correct in thinking this is a DNS issue? I have tried...
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    Question OpenVPN access other subnets

    Hi, Im have setup an OpenVPN server/client solution for a customer but ran into problems when trying to connect to subnets other than the vpn subnet. Main subnet is where the firewall is and the OpenVPN server Other subnets are: VPN subnet...
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    Question Accessing intranet from outside network

    Hi, I have a question regarding accessing my local network from outside location. I would like to do 2 things - if they are possible, and such solutions would be mutually compatible. Let's call the network i want to access - Network A, and the other one, in another location Network B. I want to...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] How can I optimize Ubuntu 16.04 performance

    I have AWS Lightsail server and installed Ubuntu 16.04. It has 512 MB memory and 20 GB disk. How can I optimize operating system? I just using OpenVPN Access Server on this server. I want to turn off all unnecessary things. Server must run just OpenVPN Access Server and what OpenVPN Access...
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    Question OpenVPN adds too much to ping

    I have OpenVPN Access Server on AWS Lightsail servers. I see 44ms between myself and server. When I connect to VPN I see much ping sometimes. If I close and reopen VPN connection ping is decreasing or increasing. I see sometimes 40ms, mostly 53ms during ping to OpenVPN Access Server. From...
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    Question Router with more than one backup VPN tunnel?

    Hello. I have 2 offices connected to the Internet with Cisco RV042 Dual-WAN routers (they are old, I know). Both routers have 2 different ISPs connected on their respective WAN1 & WAN2 interfaces - if the one on WAN1 fails, the other one takes over. They are also connected directly through a VPN...
  16. DeadLee1337

    Question No internet connection with VPN installed - The VPN doesn't even need to be running, happened with both Express VPN and Pure VPN

    I have been trying to use a VPN for a while now (PC running Windows 10). I have tried out Express VPN and Pure VPN and have had the same issue with both VPN providers. Everything will work fine for a couple days after installing the VPN and then one day I'll just not be able to connect to the...
  17. gtsolid

    Question GRE and ESP protocols

    Hi, i configured a L2TP VPN in my WS2012 and i started to port forward the necessary ports. From this page i notice that i have to open some ports. I have doubts about the protocol i cannot open in my router: he manages only UDP and TCP, but what about GRE, ESP, etc...? How can i check they are...
  18. U

    Question How to use remote desktop ThinClient with Android tethering

    Hi, At my job, we use a system of small HP Thin Clients (t410 Smart Zero if it matters) as remote desktops running Windows Server to do all our tasks, and we also get one we can take to work from home, which uses a VPN to connect to the central server through our home internet. When I connect...
  19. FeFeBu

    Question ASUS AC53 VPN setup

    Hi everybody, happy to be in the forum, I am new here, and not much IT experience. I just bought a RT-AC53 router for setting it up for VPN, in order to allow VPN access to all the devices I have. I am especially interested in connecting the smart TV. Now I see around that there are no clear...
  20. AdamZS

    [SOLVED] How to bypass set ISP blocked ports?

    OK, so I've port-forwarded my router, but when I check to see if my port is open or not, it says my port is closed and the reason why is because "connection timed out". I've tried making new rules in Windows Defender for inbound and outbound rules, and allowing certain programs full control over...