Nov 28, 2012
Hey guys, i have been looking around this and other various sites over the last few weeks to help me put together my first computer. So far i have come up with: I7 3770k, Ocz vertex 256gb x2, Asus sabertooth z77, G.skill sniper 16gb 1866. I have yet to buy the rest(doing so at the end of the week) and i am looking at getting: CM Haf 922 knn3 case, Msi n680 geforce gtx 4gb, Corsair hx750w psu. Any sugjestions to the parts i have yet to buy would be appreciated, and i wanted to see if anyone could confirm whether or not these parts are compatible. Finally would i be able to dual sli and have a dedicated audio card with this motherboard.
They're compatible, yes, but... you're wasting money left and right.

You could spend less than half as much as you are and only lose 5% of the performance. You could then spend the other half three years down the road, so you have a nice computer longer, instead of a nice computer that's obsolete quickly and no money.

I'd suggest making a list and including links since one huge paragraph with no proper punctuation is ugly