Crysis fps limiter



Guest This fps limiter only support DX9 , DX8 , OpenGL

I cannot set the fps limiter to crysis on vista64 because the default is DX10 not DX9, any ideas how to fix this.

I try to make a shortcut and put in the target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin64\Crysis.exe" –dx9 but it didn’t work because the fps limiter seems that cannot accept shortcut only .exe.

I try the same thing in a pc with xp and it work so the fps limiter is working for crysis DX9.

Any ideas?


Mar 30, 2008
why would you need to limit frame rate on crysis? even then, turn up AA, force AF, turn everything to max possible, i cant remember clearly, but it vsync is avaliable, turn that on


I need the fps limiter because I don’t like fps to go up and down 30-60fps I just want to stick with 30fps all the time.
No, VSync only works at the refresh rate set for the monitor which is likely 60Hz. Since he is varying below that it will not kick in.

I've used fps limiter too. I gave up on it.

There is no answer for you. Aside from buying hardware powerful enough to run above 60Hz and enabling VSync, you are out of luck. There are some games (not Crysis) that run at 30Hz. Command and Conquer 3, I think and some others.
Actually V-sync will work at integers of the refresh rate depending on the performance of the available hardware. It could lock it at 30 it could lock it at 20, most likely it will jump between different integers, either way its worth a go.
Don't know where you got the idea it will only work at the refresh rate of the monitor but wherever you got it from its wrong.
You could say it will only work properly if your hardware can exceed the refresh rate of the Monitor, that would be correct if that's what you meant.
Its still worth at least trying.