Question Cursed PC, can't seem to diagnose problem.

Mar 12, 2023
Hey I'm new here and this is cross posted to Linus forums, not sure if I needed to disclose that or not lol but I'm just trying to find some fresh faces/ideas.

This post is going to be long, I want to include as much information as I can. But a quick TLDR is my PC has been acting INCREDIBLY funky lately. Audio crackling, freezing, restarting. I tried a wide variety of different things, but keep failing to pinpoint the issue.

The specs in my sig are current, before I started having issues I had an RTX 2060 instead, and a different power supply. At first I thought PSU, so I bought another, but the problems persisted. The issues have been incredibly hard to track down as I can go hours without any issues, then suddenly have them back to back. For instance yesterday I played RE3 remake and RE4 demo all day, while watching youtube videos, and monitoring temps. I had 0 issues all day.

Then today I boot up the PC, and launch destiny 2 and immediately it crashes, gives a marmot error. I googled the marmot error and it said verify integrity of game files, easy enough I go to do that and the entire PC freezes up, I can hear glitchy audio and the computer is entirely frozen, with my 2nd monitor being all distorted. Gave it the hold power button turn off treatment, turned it back on, verified D2 files and tried again. No issues, however I did notice my GPU only being at around 60% utilization and my D2 framerate being worse than usual.

Mind you, I did not have this issue in RE3 remake or the RE4 demo, those games utilize my GPU to its fullest, as does RDR2, so that part about D2 may or may not be irrelevant. The audio crackling issue has not reappeared for a few days, but it was present on youtube, in games, anything that made sound could have it.

I have tested my ram on burnintest, the first test came back with 7 errors, ill have to find that screenshot and include it later, future tests showed nothing. I have not tried memtest yet, as I don't have a USB drive at the moment.

I have run userbenchmark to test my components, my boot drive had a 324% outstanding, I tested that as a friend thought maybe my drive was failing.

I have tried another GPU in my system, and 3 hours of RE3 remake showed no issues, but I also had no issues in that game with the 3070 Ti, so I am not sure how to further test that.

Nothings overheating, ram is at 3600 default timings and voltage, CPU is at 4.25v I believe is what hwmonitor reads, I reseated the ram. I tried many different things and just can't seem to narrow down what is going on.

Please help me, I am going insane trying to figure out the issue, I don't usually mind troubleshooting a computer because you can usually find the issue pretty quick, but I am absolutely baffled as to what is going on.

Edit: Specs (since I forgot this is a copy paste from Linus and I don't have a sig here).

Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.2GHZ 1.425v.
32GB of corsair LPX at 3600 no voltage or timing tweaks.
A 970 evo plus NVME for boot
Adata SP900 for storage
Asus TUF 3070 Ti with a +120 core offset (I have tried taking this off, doesn't fix anything). I HAD an RTX 2060 before, and have tried a 570.
Seasonic focus gold 850w PSU, have tried a corsair gold 850TX or something like that
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