May 25, 2007
I recently completed my first ever build with the following components:
qq6000(bs3 :( but seeing as I dont plan on ocing over 3ghz i dont care.)
8800gts evga superclocked
tt soprano dx case
p5k wifi deluxe
2 wd 160 gig 16mb cache hdds in raid 0
and 2 gigs ocz reaper hpc pc8500(which is the source of this problem)

Okay so I built this machine and have been using it for a while now and I download cpu z and noticed under memory it says single channel. I then checked the post message and it did indeed say i was using single channel. Now that annoyed me because my ram is rated for dual channel. I have it in the proper dimms. I have tried to enable dual channel but cannot find any setting in the bios and repositioning the ram is hard for me because my hhds cover part of the second set of dimms. I really need help and any advice is appreciated.


Apr 19, 2006
try repositioning one of them in a different slot. If it runs in dual channel then you had it setup wrong the first time. With asus boards it's usually matching colors for the dimm slots. The manual usually label them as A1 and B1.