[Deck] Elated Toreador Bleeding



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I put this deck together earlier today and it won a friendly game this
evening. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

The crypt is focused on Toreadors with PRE to make the most out of
Majesty and Aire of Elation as well as the bleed actions.
Didn't bring out the Marijava Ghouls during the game and maybe there
are too many AoE's in the deck. I considered Crocodile's Tongue but
chose not to include any because the majority of the crypt has either
inferior Auspex or is too low capacity to use it effectively in most
environments. The copies of Obedience is in there as rush defense. A
more constructed blood gain module would be preferred, as it is now my
vampires simply hunt for two with Perfectionist when they really need

I don't own any KMW cards, that's why none are in this deck, yet.


Emerson Wilkershire III
Michael Luther
2x Victoria Ash
2x Suzanne Kadim
3x Annabelle Triabell
Antoinette, She Who Watches

Library: 83 cards

Masters: 14 cards
KRCG News Radio
The Erciyes Fragments
Art Museum
2x Perfectionist
4x Blood Doll
2x Aching Beauty
Society Hunting Ground
Momentum's Edge
Secure Haven

Actions: 12 cards
7x Social Charm
3x Enchant Kindred
Mind Numb

Action Modifiers: 16 cards
9x Aire of Elation
6x Change of Target

Reactions: 29 cards
6x Obedience
12x Telepathic Counter
4x Delaying Tactics
7x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat: 10 cards
10x Majesty

Retainers: 2 cards
2x Marijava Ghoul

The ancient greeks were not influenced by the ancient greeks.


Archived from groups: rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad (More info?)

My approach typically is that a single discipline deck should basically
be a weenie deck, a 2-3 discipline deck should be midsized to larger.
If this is just a Presence bleed deck, I think it should be faster. I
would lose all of the Vamps with a Capacity above 4 except perhaps
Victoria if you are only going to focus on Presence bleed. I would
feel free to put in some other clans to keep the crypt small and try to
go towards a model of 1-2 main bleeders with a couple of supporting
cast. You need way more than 1 Mind Numb in your deck, I would go for
5. I would lose the Obedience, and the Telepathic Counters and add
Telepathic Misdirections and more Majesties. I would play with
switching the Delaying Tactics for Dread Gazes since a Dread Gaze can
tend to defeat most Referendums with no blood cost. I would take out
all 6 Change of Targets: you should focus on Mind Numbs as your
deterrent to a bounce defense.

I would suggest replacing Momentum's Edge with Gambit Accepted. Gambit
Accepted is more powerful and it also deters the most popular problem
with this deck, which is the table gangs up on you. By playing Gambit
Accepted, the table is put on guard that if they gang up on you, your
predator will get 2 VPs and probably the table win. This gives them a
tough decision and typically they will be more passive. I don't like
the fragments in this deck and would consider swapping it out for
either a Humanitas (if you find your vamps go to torpor a lot) or a
Curse of Nitocris for faster ousting.


Archived from groups: rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad (More info?)

Also, I would take out all of the Blood Dolls and put in some Presence
skill cards to complement the weenies I suggested that you put in the