Defective LapTop Power Adapter


Aug 17, 2005
I have a defective Power adapter for my Laptop that i don't intend to throw it away.

The adapter is for DELL Inspiron 2650 Laptop.
The Adapter Model is ADP-70EB PA-6 Family P/N 9364U from Delta Eletronics (Thailand).

The problem is it the green light does not show up and the laptop does not receive power from it. My question is whether the adapter can be repaired or waht can be the cause of the fault.

Please i need help on this.


Feb 4, 2004
How do you know for sure the power adapter is defective? Did you try other power adapters, ensuring it's not the the recieving end on your labtop? Check for any blockage or damage to the female and male ends of the labtop and power adapter, respectively.

If the power adapter is, indeed, at fault, I'm sure it's fixable. But in this day and age, the company will replace the adapter 'cause it's cheaper to do so. The reason why it doesn't work is the adapter is internally open, meaning it makes no difference if the adapter is plugged in or not, for it remains in the same state of working order.


Mar 6, 2004
Just went through some trouble shooting on an old laptop. Had similar symptoms as you mention. Since I had no green light on the laptop started first with testing the Adapter. Use a 12 volt meter and plugged in the adapter and went to the prongs and place my testers two prongs, power and Negative. Just look up the adapter and it will tell you which prong is Power and which is negative. Found NO power coming out of the adapter. Went to eBay found a generic adapter, Cheaper that vendor, and WA La :>, laptop Booted. Alas, found the BIOS battery had also drained, but went to the Battery store and got another one and replaced it. After all that, computer Booted, my BIOS setting STAY PUT and made myself a few bucks. SO, start with Testing the Adapter, maybe your local PC shop can test it :>. Good Luck !! Keep that line wet and don't forget to SETDHOOK :> :>