DELL 790 freezing from once a week to 4 times a day..........


Feb 12, 2012
Hello guys,

I have a DELL 790 SFF pc and it has always had this annoying problem of 'FREEZING', if you google the model and the word freezing a lot of articles pop up without any fixes.

About 6 months ago my PSU went pop and i purchased a new one, since then the problem still persists.. so it cannot be a power issue. A lot of the time it will FREEZE when i watch for example a youtube video.. but it also freezes randomly while doing nothing, nothing running other than webpages..etc. So CPU is not overloaded or anything (plus its a i3)

To unfreeze it i have to physically power the PC down and back up again. Event viewer doesnt seem to point to anything in particular?..Im now current in safe mode to test it this way but below is a list of the things i have done over the last few months....

Updated ALL drivers via dell website
Updated BIOS to 4 different versions inc latest
Updated intel HD graphics driver via intel website
Ran DELL FULL in depth diagnostic test - zero problems found
Removed heatsink and cleaned cpu and used new compound
left the lid off
Downloaded coretemp and kept a close eye (runs maximim 58c peak)
Ran virus scan
Ran spyware/malware scan
Replaced HDD completely with a new one and reformated fresh
Ran a program called driverpack (installs latest drivers)
Turned off flash player hardware acceleration
Checked bios settings and adjusted
Removed VGA cable and tried Display port

Things i have not done:
Turned off wifi
removed memory one by one
done a mem test

As i say im currently in SAFE mode for the first time to test it to see if it freezes on here. By the way i have turned off auto reboot upon error... so thats maybe why it freezes? and not blue screens?

Any other suggestions or advice from someone who may a bit more than me?