Question DELL XPS showing screen very bright oval / cloudy areas. Any chance to fix?

Apr 4, 2021
Dell XPS 12 9Q23

Brightness/backlight on screen is significantly inhomogeneous but shows strange shapes on display. It started some weeks ago with small effects but it gets worse over time.
The brightness of the screen got very different mainly on the lower edge of the display.

Using a nominal homogeneous Windows10 background (e.g. grey) there are oval shapes and some irregular contours which look like clouds which are lightening much brighter than ther rest.
Even when maximizing brightness of the screen these areas are still much brighter than the neighborhood.
Photo show the issue as good as possible - the brighter areas are partly marked with red shape as guide to the eye. Note: These areas apprear much brighter that the photo indicates

Any idea?

Any help welcome.

Thank you.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

First off, is there a better picture showing the issue? A video perhaps? The way you've taken the picture and the amount of pixelation makes it look like the reflection of your light in the room.

Also, what BIOS version are you working with at the moment? You will also need to check and see what version of Windows 1o your laptop is on at the time of writing. Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling your display drivers? Does the issue crop up when you plug an external display to the laptop?
Apr 4, 2021

thanks for your reply and first hints:
Sorry first photo was really blurred.
Better photo here - again grey homegeneous background setting, so all "shapes" are due to problems:
Actually the differences in the brightness are even more pronounced as the photo indicates and the shapes are static, i.e. always the same. But it seems to degrade over time.

Operation System: Win 10 Home
10.0.19042 Build 19042 (latest)
Bios version: Dell Inc. A10; 21. May 2018 (latest)

Issue is always present - independent if 2nd screen is attached or not.
Uninstalled and re-installed display driver but no change.