Directx 10 card can play games wich support only directx 11?


Nov 9, 2010
If i buy a dx10 card, in the future will this be able to play games which supports only directx11 or i would need to change it..lets say that i dont care about the effects because we are talking about a mid range laptop... :D
If a game needs a DX11 card as a minimum requirement, then a DX10 card will not be able to play the game.

DX10 & DX10.1 should be around for at least a few years. DX9 has been around since the end of 2001 and it has only just begun to be phased out. I forgot which was the 1st game to drop DX9 support.

answering directly your thread title: no

like others said game still build around DX9 and DX10, mostly on DX9. so maybe it will be a few years before we can see DX11 exclusive games. lol we might even see DX12 coming out first before that happen :na: