Question Dirt Cheap Pc for 100-150£


Nov 13, 2018
Hi everyone, no this is not a thrdad about me, my pc Is already decent as Im about to buy a rx580 so there's no problem. It's my sister. She wants to get into gaming and she keeps playing Roblox and she is a super cheap skate and she is extremely terrible at saving. She keeps spending her money on complete waste and robux. The most she saved up was 300£ from her holy communion and blew it all on a piece of garbage HP all in one which can't run MC with optifine, running at a solid 5 fps. The pc is 220£ and she spent the rest on toys and robux. Right now she is 10 and she is addicted to overwatch on my pc. The plus side is she really doesn't care about 30fps so please suggest some dirt cheap parts that will run overwatch on the lowest settings possible 30 fps. She is 10 FYI

I used to own a gt710 years ago and managed to run it on 60fps low but it tell take up 30% of her money up. Or she can just flip everything and buy a used ps4. I really don't have time to look for parts but ill try if really nobody cares about the post


The idea being that you will buy and install parts to upgrade her 220£ pc to where the pc will play overwatch even at just 30 fps?

Take a look at the minimum requirements for playing Overwatch.

Most games list minimum, recommended, and best requirements with respect to the host pc.

Just to help:

Normally you do not want minimum requirements and as much "best" as can be afforded.

If minimum is acceptable then the first component below or at minimum within her budget is the starting point.

Her current pc hardware specs and OS?

For the most part, adding memory is likely to be the most beneficial.

And I will be mute with respect to the spending habits and how the two of you will work out the financial aspects.