Question Disk not detected, why? (sshd and ssd)

Mar 11, 2020
After my PC died I have finally fix it but it won't turn on when with my 2 ssd's installed in it. I really don't know why, when I tried to install while my PC is on it will die but when I pull it out my PC will turn on again.
But it is okay with my 2 sshd but the problem is, it is not detected at all even on Disk Management it did not show up. So I try to use adapter for external storage It only says No Media.

Is all my drive are broken or is there any way to fix this?
this drives are expensive and I am broke for now to replace it... please help! thanks...

Note: I tried my ssd and sshd to another computer and it works just fine...
Is this another Motherboard issue or something?
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Do you have the User Guide/Manual for the motherboard?

If not, download via the manufacturer's website and be sure that you get the version matching your motherboard.

Doublecheck the current drive installations with respect to the SATA ports being used.

Work first with just the boot drive to ensure that the computer will boot and function correctly.

Then, install the additional drive(s) following the User Guide's installation instructions.