Question Display problems on startup


Dec 3, 2020
Hi, so I have this problem actually for 2 years or so, but it never been so problematic and im not sure now what causes this.

First of needed specs:
Display: AOC C24G1U
Graphic Card: GTX 1060 6gb
Using DisplayPort

On startup my display look like it's defective / blurry / flickering. Photo:


But it was never this big, and i just had to wait like 1min and the display was normal again.

But this time (photos) i've waited 5/10min and still the same issue. It's probably because i didn't use my PC for a week.

I always thought its my graphic card. it needs time to get warm so contacts get better connected idk.
Because today this problem was there even after 10 mins, i tried to swap cable. Still the same issue.

I had to swap from DP to HDMI and it worked!! Even though still a bit pixeled at start:


Now im not sure if the problem causes my monitor or my graphic card, or the Display Port of them. My Monitor should be fine i bought it like 2,5 years ago.

Also want to add when i used HDMI and went to Nvidia settings -> Change resolution and changed from ULTRA HD, HD, SD 1920x1080 120HZ native to PC 1920x1080 144HZ the display was again flickering,blurry like at the beginning.

So my question is if i can somehow repair this? If not what causes the problem, graphic card or monitor? ( Because i can't test it, i dont have any other monitor or PC with Displayport)

Thanks for reading!