Dlink 625 not showing connections


Jan 7, 2012
wow, maybe this time it will post....I have a dlink 625 wireless router. Complete piece of junk in my opinion.

I have 3 pc's connected to the router, hard wired in using cat5. When plugging the cable into the router, the router port on front lights up. If I put it in the 3 port, the 3 lights up. If I put it in the #1 port, the port 1 lights up. I believe it means the pc is being detected by the router. If I go to the ip addy for the router (, it is only showing the pc I am on. The other 2 pc's are not appearing, and they are not able to access the network. If I add a wireless item, like my Iphone, it is detected on the network right away.

This only started this morning. I have restarted the pc's, restarted the router, reset the router, moved the cables to different ports, and swapped the cables from one pc to another. The only pc that gets detected in all of this is the one I am on. Regardless of port/ wire.

Any ideas?


The light means the router knows that something is connected to that particular LAN connector, it doesn't mean that there will be a network connection.

Your router might be dying but it could be that it is just a network issue. I've had this happen in both circumstances.

It could just be that the wired device DHCP function is failing, so I would try assigning static addresses to your three machines that are wired. If that fails, I would check for a firmware update and failing that just get a newer router.