Does a Wireless Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset Exist?


Jun 6, 2015
I am sure the answer to this question is yes but for the life of me i cannot find one. If you look for gaming headset nothing is noise cancelling. If you look in noise cancelling headset then they are not good for gaming. My main issue is that i want a wireless gaming headset and for it to be noise cancelling so that i can use it for work(work from home).

Any suggestions with a link would be appreciated.

Thank You!


by noise canceling, you mean truly noise canceling, or noise canceling enough that when you have some audio playing through you don't hear much else outside?

In regards to standard headphones..... I don't know what you're talking about with noise canceling headphones not being good for gaming.
You ever hear of Bose? yeah, they are legit. And they invented noise canceling headphones.

But what I assume you want is something with a built in mic.

There's a good option, while it doesn't cut out all noise by itself, once you get audio pumping through, you won't be bothered to hear much else.
This option would be the Razer Man O' War wireless 7.1 surround sound gaming headset.

They aren't the most streamlined looking things, but they are really good and I use them nonstop with my PS4 and my PC when gaming.
They cost $160 right now on Amazon.

Since you haven't specified any console I offer you this option based on PC usage. Especially since you say you will use them at work.