Question Does my system build work? (Mar 2020, 3700x , B450/X570)

Apr 4, 2020
looking for some input, im looking to building a new rig with the following parts, one of the considerations is that the radiator cant fit on the top of the case and id have to install it at the front which is unfortunate.
  1. Does my overall build work and fit in the case?
  2. Should i consider a B450 MSI tomahawk to bring down the overall cost, or switch to Intel Z390 Aorus elite with i9-9700k at the same price? I dont have an Older AMD chip to do the flAshing for B450 board. Please help !

Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite
NZXT Z63 280mm cooling
Corsair 3600mhz 16gb
Crucial P1 1 TB m.2 ssd
EVGA 2070 Super 8GB XC Ultra
NZXT H510i elite
Seasonic Focus GX-650W Full Modular Gold 80+
What will the pc be used for? If gaming then what resolution and Hz is your monitor?

I’d go B450 Tomahawk Max motherhood unless you actually need a feature from a more expensive X570. There are cheaper X570’s that have worse VRM’s that the Tomahawk Max. The Max version of the Tomahawk comes 3000 series ready and won’t need a BIOS update to run a 3000 cpu.