Don't know where to put this, so I will put it here

Okay, first, this is not a question. I was running an Nvidia GTX 980. I strted noticing some annomalies in that things were lagging on wen sites. I went into the Task manager and sure enough, my CPU was pegged at 100%. Restarted it and things were fine. The first week of Septmeber. I upgraded to the GTX 1080. Did well for a while, but then started getting the maxed out CPU. My first thought was Malware and I started looking and came up with Nothing much. Tracking cookies and some PUP files, but nothing serious. This continued to happene from time to time and finally I started doing some indepth scans, some of which were in Safe mode. Still nothing. Dr Web Cureit, did come up with one thing that was not overly serious and it was removed. I was playing my game ( The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ) last week and suddenly my screen went black and ALL of my fans spooled up to max, but I wasn't overheating. Had to do a hard shut down. This got worse to the point I could do much, maybe 5 mins at best, before it happened again. I got disgusted, thinking the card was toast and went back to the 980. That worked fine in the game, but got the maxed out CPU a couple of times. I talked to a friend who was a member of a Forum that I moderated before it shut down. He asked ig I had GeForce experience installed and i said yes. He said that may be the problem, as he had a friend that had the same issue. I went and checked around, but didn't find a lot, but that there had been issues.
I have reinstalled the GTX 1080 and so far it has done well. I went into the Coomand thing and disabled the nvscreening service as well as did a fresh install of the Drivers and then uninstalled the GeForce Experience. I don't need the app as i tweak my own stuff within the game and I don't need screening as i don't Have an Nvidia Shield, which what it is screening to. Anyway, GeForce Experience seems to be seriously broken and will cause all sorts of problems. If i have any more issues, then I will update, bit hopefully I won't need to.


I should have explained more. Gfe version since that seems to have been the issue. Gfe 3 has been quite troublesome but those drivers didn't have 3 which is odd since it was released so was wondering if you had just updated gfe after the driver install since it does popup to auto update.
I usually just did the Express install and let that handle the update. When I reinstalled the 1080 card, I used the custom install, which did not have GFE listed. When the install was complete, I checked and it was there, so I just got rid of it. I also disabled the nvstreaming svc too. So far The CPU has been behaving, but haven't spent much time in the game as yet.