Nov 17, 2012
Hi all, I'm looking to make my dream machine, and I wanted to know if the parts I choose are compatible and if you'd swap a component. Keep in mind this is just in the concept stage I put on and I do know components are upgrade frequently and I do plan to shop around when it comes time to building the machine. I want to start building s in 6-8 months. anyways without further delay

OS: Windows 8

Cooler Master Cosmos II XL-ATX

Power Supply
Thermaltake Toughpower 1500W ATX12V 2.3 24PIN

Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme All-in-One Liquid Cooling System

Arctic Cooling MX-4 Thermal Compound Paste

OCZ Vertex 3 120GB 2.5IN Solid State Drive (raid 5) x 4

Western Digital Red 3TB Hard Disk Drive (raid 5 separate from SDD) x 9

ASUS Rampage IV Extreme E-ATX LGA2011 X79

Intel Core i7 3970X Extreme Edition

G.SKILL F3-2400C10Q-32GTX x 2

Video Card
EVGA GeForce GTX 690 Signature Dual GPU

Raid Controller
LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-16I SGL 16 Port

For the raid controller I don't know what kind of mini sas to sata connection cable I need, if someone knows please share! and of course if you see a flaw in what I've written or any suggestions please let me know.
There's no point in asking this yet. Within 6 months, there are going to be new generations of pretty much every tech.

That being said...

That case, while it does look good, is HUGE, and heavy. Look at those specs and think if you really want something you can barely move when it's empty.

A 1200w power supply? Give me a break! EVEN if you have two graphics cards, 750 watts will be more than enough.

Drop the all-in-one CPU cooler. If you're water cooling, use real water cooling. Air coolers are way better than the preppy coolers, at the same price point. (Not only are the air coolers less likely to fail because they have way fewer moving parts, when they DO fail, there's still a heatsink to cool the cpu gradually, instead of having NO backup or even spewing liquid all over the computer's innards.)

Good pick on the MX-4, though. I love that stuff.

Why the hell are you 1) using a raid setup with SSDs, and 2) using older tech? If you REALLY want a raid setup, get two Vertex 4s or Samsung 840 pros, and do RAID 0. But keep in mind, SSDs get faster the larger storage capacity they have, so...

There's... really no point at all in an extreme edition processor. It's really a waste of money, as an i5-3570k will have better features, be faster, and won't bottleneck even two GTX680s.

You're, again, going WAY overboard on the ram - 16 is more than enough for virtually anything. 64GB is, again, just a waste of money.

Wow, for once, you're not spending enough. Instead of a 690, I'd get two 7970s. The 690 just isn't worth it. (You could get three 7970s or two 690s, though.)

Glad you saw the need for a raid card, but that's for servers, not for speed.

TLDR: You wasted a LOT of money in places that will give you NO benefit. You could make a massively more reliable rig with better performance for a lot cheaper.


Nov 17, 2012
Thank you DarkSable!, just what I wanted to hear, as I said I know posting it now probably wont do much, I just wanted to see if I have the right idea and if everything will work together.

Any air coolers you'd recommend?



What is the system to be used for? If you don't state what the system will be used for, people will assume it's a gaming machine and tell you that you are overbuilding. That way people can give you specific recommendations.

As the others have said, you should let us know what the rig is for. Everything will work well together, yes, but your graphics card would bottleneck you for gaming, and EVERYTHING is way overkill pretty much no matter the task. This rig is set up like a supercomputer for a poor university.

That being said, if it IS for gaming, we can save you a LOT of money. What resolution will you be playing at?

Depending on how much of an overclock you want, I'd get a Hyper 212 EVO or a Noctua... something. :p