Question Drive D: is at 100% usage and not working as usual ! Driver locked and won't open due to hardware fatal error !


Feb 10, 2016
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few days ago i downloaded some apps for media conversion then i noticed severe lag and stutter from my HDD drive D:
i opened task manager to check the problem i found the D: drive is at 100% capacity or usage while no application is running in that drive or anything.
i tried to use malwarebytes to remove any bugs or malwares in the system but the problem didn't go away
tried to use chkdsk/ then windows stopped launching
i checked apps using the HDD in the resource monitor i found random apps in the windowsApps folder running for no reason when i tried to delete the folder containing the running app in the background it shows permission errors
it seems that there is a bug doing all this but i cant find it !
This problem is killing my drive and i can't do anything other than format it , but i have files and games stored in there

Update: Now the drive is locked and shows a message ( the driver is not accessible due to hardware fatal error ) I Cant Format It Either !
I tried (chkdsk) (diskpart) but i get the same hardware error ?
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