May 17, 2006
i want to ask what software to check what hardware i am using.. - in a clean install windows XP, i dun have a modem driver, network card driver, soundcard driver!! But i don't know what brand and what model of these hardware at all!!!any software to check out?? for example--> using CPU-Z, i can check what motherboard i am using without install the motherboard driver on the windows..please guide me out wat software to check "modem model, soundcard model, network card model" because i can't see any model code wrote on these card!!!immediate!thank you...
Are they separate cards or are they built onto the motherboard? Is your PC self-built or does it come from an OEM manufacturer (Dell, HP, etc...)? You should have a CD with drivers on it regardless... but if not, you can always download them.

Assuming your drivers are already installed, look in the device manager. That will tell you what you've got. If the drivers aren't installed, you'll have to check with your motherboard manufacturer or your computer manufacturer.