Question Dual boot of Ubuntu and Windows 10; High fan speed and high cpu temp only for Windows 10

Feb 3, 2022
Hi everyone,

I have been using my desktop with both Ubuntu and Windows 10 installed for two years.

Suddenly, from the last month, I found out that when I boot the computer with Windows 10, the fans go crazy, even though I didn't run anything. (I checked the task manager and the CPU and Disk were using only 20% of its capacity)

I checked the temperature using Core Temp, and it shows that the CPU is always around 100 C.

However, it was weird because,

1. When I boot with Ubuntu, the fans are quiet, and the temperature is around 60.

2. It didn't happen before the last month, even when I use Windows.

3. I couldn't feel any noticeable heat from the chassis.

Do you have any suggestions on this issue?

Thank you!