Question Dual monitor max resolution issue with daisy chain - Help Please

Feb 18, 2022
I just purchased two U3223QE 32" 4K monitors. Dell advertised these as USB-C Hub monitors that can daisy chain using the DPI port and cables provided.

I have an LG Gram 17" computer plugged into monitor #1 with the provided double-sided USB-C cable, the two monitors are linked using the DPI 1.2 cable provided.

When the displays are in extended mode, the second monitor is limited to 2048x1152, as opposed to 3840x2160 like it is supposed to be at.

When I turn MST mode ON, they work at these resolutions and are in extended mode, when MST is OFF, the two monitors are at full 4K but are just mirroring one another.

Does anyone know how I can fix this resolution issue and have both in extended mode?