E5300...What GPU?


Aug 25, 2011
i ve searched before i start a new tread but i ve only found threads about this cpu but overclocked...

i dont want to overclock as i have absolutely no experience and i dont want my cpu to die :D

my rig is...

Gigabyte G41M

E5300 2.6 and a Coolermaster Fan


9800GT 512

Corsair 650W PSU

Is there any GPU that can give me better game performance without bottlenecking???


Aug 31, 2011
Try a GTX 260 Or if you want a newer card, go for a GTX 550 Ti, Both good cards and will give a great performance boost

Hope I Could Help :)
You REALLY should OC that CPU. It is not dangerous at all. Even if you purposely tried to hurt the CPU you probably couldn't manage to do so.
A 2.6ghz dual core is weak for a lot of today's games and your processor can easily get up to 3.5ghz at which point it will be much more appropriate for gaming. It isn't hard to do either and you already have an aftermarket cooler so it would be a shame not to.
2gb of RAM is also on the low side for current games. It's passable but with ram being so cheap right now upgrading to 4gb is a no brainer IMO.
If you OC the processor and bump up the RAM then I would recommend something along the lines of a GTX 460 or HD6850/70 for a card. You could still get a card like that if you don't follow my above recommendations but it would definitely be bottlenecked in a good number of games, especially at lower resolutions.