I know enough about computers to get me into trouble. :pt1cable:
I was just given a comp by a friend, which is getting "error 3 (STHIVE#0)". I have tried ALL restore options, they unfortunately did not have a Restore Point before the prob started.
I have tried to make a Restore Disk off of my comp, wich did not work. Even though I made sure the CD/DVD was first in the Boot Lineup, it doesn't seem to recognize the any CD/DVD I put into it. I can hear it rev up when I restart the comp, but it still boots from the default boot setup.
I don't have a Windows Vista Installation CD. This is a Pavilion dv9500 Laptop.
Does anyone have any answers to what "I" can do to fix this, other than buying a Installation Disk? :??:
Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

Since your friend have an HP, the Windows OS key is sticked in the back side of the laptop. So, download a OS DVD of the same version that the key says and install the OS with that DVD BUT with the key that is sticked in the back side.