Question ethernet port doesnt work after gpu upgrade

Feb 18, 2022
i recently bought a new pc and i had an old gpu in the meantime while i wait for a better one, yesterday i switched my 1060 to the 2060 super and booted it up and suddenly my ethernet port is not working anymore. i read somewhere online that someone did exactly that and accidentaly knocked off a resistor near the PCIe 16 slot that apperantly was part of the ethernet port function. i compared that zone of my motherboard to a pic of it and i think i also broke something off there but i dont know if that really is the case. i tried pressing the reset network button in the setting, it did nothing, tried a new cable, nothing. i know its the port, but im not sure if i broke that little thing or its something else....
I guess the good news is a add in ethernet port is cheap. Best if you use a pcie slot but USB will work but you need USB3 if you expect to get 1gbit.

I would boot it into the bios and see if it thinks the ethernet exists. Many times bios had things like wake on lan so it might be able to see the ethernet port.