Everything i own has been hacked since 2020. I cant figure anything out, it effectively takes admin privleges from me. I keep seeing Chimera?

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Nov 15, 2022
I'll try to keep this short. But it started in Dec of 2020, my phone that had been stolen & returned by my creepy neighbor began acting weird, not letting me move/delete files and the memory was completely full. It spread from there to my fiances gaming pc, which began removing his admin privileges and not letting him update or install programs, freezing, full factory reset and reinstalling windows did nothing. My router also was compromised, which the internet service provider rep stated "someone is actively blocking me out ad I'm trying to access your router, it looks like you pissed off the wrong person" and said it looked like a "botnet DDOS attack". My fiance ran a bug report on his phone, got a critical security alert from Google, he called Verizon, who got him to level 3 customer service who said the security alert was indeed authentic, and it "seemed personal". The only thing she said they could do was replace his device, and agreed that since it was affecting event we owned that it wound be pointless to do so.

Along with this we had dozens of full strength wifi signals rotating from being full strength then to not existing. There was one named loop 2019 that stayed, and it was not our neighbors on either side. It was stronger than both next door neighbors, and the guy downstairs had his wifi on too, and he claimed it wasn't his.

We eventually moved out of state 6 hours away and the issues persist. We have spent thousands, probably 10's of thousands, replacing and trying to repair & diagnose the issue to no avail. We even spent 3k for a forensics analysis of the hacked phone Verizon offered to replace, and told them to see the included Google security alert that contained pages and pages of code. I'm not sure if I still have it now, but it said efs recovery not found. No such file or directory. Which seems kinda important. But all they sent me back was a locked document that stated there were possible malware files in the SD card, a couple .exe files, but the thing is, there was no SD card in the phone when I sent it in! So I have wasted all this money, now it's still happening, and I am just soooo disheartened. It makes me anxious to even sit there and try helping my fiance look at all this code, I honestly have no idea what he's doing or trying to do, and I'm not sure he does either. I'll attach some photos and
See if you could make heads or tails of it..

This is to a thread on xda.

View: https://i.imgur.com/D3DlCwc.jpeg

Here I have found dozens of other people claiming that they have similar issues. There is not one person that has found a solution. We recently purchased a brand new pc, which is completely useless now. We have been going through pure os using a brand new factory reset on gnome and it says we have no access to change or delete or even view many of the files, there is the same kind of file structure on everything I own. I'll attach some pictures of it and also my router traffic. If anyone can help me figure out how to rid myself of this complete and utter disruption of my life & invasion of privacy I would cry tears of joy.

View: https://i.imgur.com/oIICRWr.jpeg

My router traffic, I think that's my cell phone Mac address coming up as eth 7?

and these are from gnome. It says im not the owner or have insufficient privledge often. Not sure if its normal to have all this stuff preinstalled, and why it's listing all my hard drives/usb devices. Im pretty sure it had ones from other devices listed.

View: https://i.imgur.com/KNLbzUh.jpeg

View: https://i.imgur.com/eKwTnCP.jpeg

View: https://i.imgur.com/L6TIZ2i.jpeg

View: https://i.imgur.com/PYoDuDQ.jpeg

View: https://i.imgur.com/rNskAKD.jpeg

View: https://i.imgur.com/S9hYWks.jpeg

View: https://i.imgur.com/Qw7Xxh0.jpeg

View: https://i.imgur.com/yMttI5Z.jpeg

View: https://i.imgur.com/3s18akq.jpeg

View: https://i.imgur.com/vSWELls.jpeg

View: https://i.imgur.com/wYzgRHm.jpeg

Here's links to my photos, I'm having trouble attaching them. My phone screen has phantom clicks so every time I try to insert a link it presses enter like 50x and I have to start over. So I'm just copy and paying this from my notepad. Thanks everyone who read this, and If you have anything similar happening, just know you're not alone and you're not going insane!
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"Thanks everyone who read this, and If you have anything similar happening, just know you're not alone and you're not going insane!"

And that is the last words here.

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