Question EX-A320M better than an H81M-K?

TJ Hooker

Better how? The A320 is a newer motherboard that supports better CPUs, so in one sense it's better. A320 boards are cheap, entry level boards though, I'd rather get a B450 if I were you.

And just to be clear, your current board supports 4th gen Intel CPUs, while an A320 supports AMD Ryzen CPUs. So totally different in that regard.
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I've been wanting to change my motherboard so I could fit my dream build, so is it better?
Just to add something to TJ Hooker's post for emphasis.

For the most part you can get into the Ryzen eco-system pretty cheap with a system you can build dreams on because of its upgradeability on the same socket. But that's not nearly so much the case with A320 boards; they ARE the cheapest but with that they generally have the worst VRM's, don't allow overclocking and have arguably the worst support for high-speed memory.

I'd suggest looking at B450 boards. There are many that cost hardly anything more than A320 and yet offer great dream potential all the way up to and including 3900X or even 3950X processors.