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    Question Which Z390 Motherboards support 4-slot NV Link?

    Which Z390 Motherboards support 4-slot NV Link besides the MSI Godlike? Also, do all NV Links from different brands have the same speed? (EVGA vs ASUS vs Zotac) Or is one brand faster than the rest? Or does the same brand NV Link is faster with the same brand GPU? (Like Gigabyte NV LINK is...
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    Question Will it be compatible with my system?

    My birthday passed a few months ago and my sister has promised me to buy me a GPU this july, I'm just wondering if a GTX 760 would be compatible with my specs. Zotac GTX 760 OC System specs : Motherboard - msi FM2-A55M-E33 CPU - amd A8-5600K GPU - integrated / unknown Ram - 1x4gb (getting...
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    Question Are these two types of ram the same?

    Hi everyone, I have recently decided to add a little bit more ram to my pc. My current PC has 1 stick of CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 (8gb ddr3 1600mhz i think) but the problem is I bought the motherboard and ram as a combo and I think the ram that was used was part of a 2 stick of ram combo. I was just...
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    Question RAM compatibilty Z370 DS3H

    I have a micro z370 ds3h motherboard. I have 2 ddr4 ram sticks at 2400mhz with 2 slots left. If I buy another 8gb stick this time would it be compatible assuming its the same model, and also would the dual channel be gone since I'm using 3 slots now? ty
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    [SOLVED] Build help .

    I've been slowly compiling the components to do a build . Now I'm here asking questions because pcpartpicker has failed me . I have the following ; are they compatible or have I messed up ? GIGABYTE H310M A - mobo Intel i3-6100 - cpu Gtx 750 ti - gpu 500w psu Haven't gotten the ram yet but...
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    Question My Asus b250M-A motherboard support RTX 2060???

    Good day to you all! I am thinking of getting a new GPU RTX 2060. I have a Asus B250M-A motherboard currently. Can I use the RTX 2060 with it??
  7. Will it be compatible? and also how do i fix my PC problem?

    I'm only 14 and don't have much money so i am buying a cpu cooler that is $10. What I'm buying is a "Coolerman 2heatpipe Twin fan" CPU Cooler from china The reason why im buying a cooler is because my PC has been having some CPU problems lately and it shuts down when im playing large games such...
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    Question Does the height, width, or depth of a graphics card matter?

    The specifications of many computer cases do indicate the maximum length of graphics card that they can accept (e.g. "290 mm GPU clearance"). However, graphics cards are three-dimensional objects that have length, width, and height. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 for example has a height of 4.37...
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    Question graphics cards compatible with intel motherboard DH55TC

    I have a pc with 4gb ram and intel i5 cpu, i want to see if i can use a "GeForce GT 710 2048MB" or a "PowerColor Radeon HD 6850 1024Mb" with my pc. Those are the only graphics cards that i have available nearby at the moment and i need to see if they are compatible with my motherboard.
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    Will a Zotac GTX 750 TI be compatible with my motherboard?

    (My grammar & punctuation is bad) I am not very good at tech stuff and budget is $60 so I'm thinking of upgrading my gpu by getting a GTX 750ti and i found one that cost $59.68 which is a "Zotac GTX 750 TI 2gb 128bit DDR5" its also a second hand but the reviews are good, i want to know if its...
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    Question Is the SODIMM slot and pinout for a Raspberry Pi CM3 the same as a standard SODIMM slot/pinout?

    This is kind of based off my previous thread (, but are the pinouts for a Raspberry Pi CM3 and a DDR2 SODDIMM pinout the same? When examining the pinouts...
  12. K

    Question Need help with ((comparability)) compatibility

    Hey guys, I'm going to building my first pc next month and have been looking for parts and have got some... Could anyone help me see if all the parts are compatible with each other? Also, these parts aren't final so if anyone has recommendations to change or add anything that would be awesome...
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    Question MSI B450M MORTAR TITANIUM compatible with Corsair Vengeance RGB CMR16GX4M2C3466C16 (Black) 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3466 MHz Desktop Gaming Memory?

    I am planning on getting an MSI B450M MORTAR TITANIUM Motherboard and i have found some decent deals on ram (Corsair Vengeance RGB CMR16GX4M2C3466C16 (Black) 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3466 MHz Desktop Gaming Memory), but i could not find it on the support list. Is it still supported even if it is not...
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    Question *UPGRADING PC* i7 7700k & GTX 1060 Compatible?? & Streaming

    Hello! I was wondering how this upgrade would fit into my PC. Currently I'm running a i5 3470 being cooled by a Corsair H60 on a Gigabyte H77, 2x4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 Corsair Vengeance, included with a GTX 1060 6GB by MSI, along with a 750watt Corsair PSU. All I need to run at one time is OBS...
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    Question Am I still able to access the Files from this Hard Drive?

    I've been dealing with motherboard issues with this old computer that I was using for the last 5 years and it ended up dying recently. So I ended up going out and got a completely new computer. I have a lot of important files on my old computer's hard drive. My old computer ran Windows 8.1 as...
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    Question Is this build compatible?

    So on I made a build and it only has 1 compatibility check it says "The motherboard M.2 slot #1 shares bandwidth with a SATA 6.0 Gb/s port. When the M.2 slot is populated, one SATA 6.0 Gb/s port is disabled." anyone know what this means? Here is my build. CPU: Intel - Core...
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    Question Is this compatible for each other? please help

    Can you guys tell me if this are compatible? CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Motherboard : MSI B350M Bazooka GPU : Gigabyte RX 580 4GB Gaming RAM : GSkill Trident Z 8GB DDR4 3200 HDD : Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB WD10EZEX PSU : Corsair VS650 650W True Rated Power Supply