Question Will this motherboard work for my OEM Inspiron 580 case?

Sep 4, 2020
I have a Dell Inspiron 580 with a 450w psu, rx570, and an (I think) i5 650. I wanted to get a better CPU, so I bought an i7-3770S cpu & an Optiplex 7010 MT motherboard.

As it turns out, the power switch on the inspiron case will not be able to fit on the optiplex motherboard (I should have looked into this earlier, rip)
here is the inspiron case switch and the optiplex motherboard (pw swch in red box)

So, I'm going to send the motherboard back, and I'm going to need to find a new one. I have found the Asrock H61M-DG3 at a reasonable price from this support list (specifically chosen because the i7-3770S works from any bios version on that board). Do you think that I would be able to connect the pwr swch from the inspiron 580 case?

If not, I can probably just purchase a cheap case for like $35 right? The current power supply I have is not OEM, and if I got that motherboard, neither would it. Sooo I assume basically any case would work?

My full entire budget for this upgrade is only about $140. There is no good CPU upgrade for the mobo that comes with inspiron 580, and I can't get a new mobo because they are all ddr4 & then I'd have to get some new ram too which would make me go over-budget again. i7-3770S was only $70, so getting that + a new mobo/case seems to be the best option for me.