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    Question Upgrade now to an RX 6700 XT or wait for the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB

    Hey everyone. I'm planning on upgrading my 7 year old GTX 1070 but my budget is a bit limited, at about 400 euros. I live in Greece and I have found a really good deal on an RX 6700 XT from Powercolor at about 360 euros, but these cards are selling fast so I have to make a desicion soon. I was...
  2. L

    Suggestions For A Content Creation Laptop On A Budget

    Hi there! Thanks for reading, maybe you can help me! I've been researching laptops for a while now and I'm really overwhelmed with all of the options. Basically, all I need it for is web browsing, video editing, photo/video storing, and easy transfer of media from my phone (Android). I'd like...
  3. V

    Question PC Build 2023 - Upgrading my old Build

    Hello everyone, The community has been extremely helpful in the past, so I am reaching out once again. I am looking for suggestions to upgrade my current system (built in 2018). I'm trying to decide on an approach that would give me the best cost-to-performance ratio. I live in Mumbai, India...
  4. SpectrumAudio

    Question Memory and Upgrade Help.

    Hello everyone I have a quick question. I am looking to upgrade my current Pc - Here are the specs - Device name DESKTOP Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4150 CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz Installed RAM 8.00 GB System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch No...
  5. I

    Question Eco mode vs Lower Brightness?

    Hi everyone, well I´m using BenQ XL2411P monitor. Within the settings of display there is an Eco Mode, I cant lower brightness more than default though. And the other settings, the brightness is even lower than what Eco Mode allows me. So which one settings saves more energy, and increase the...
  6. P

    Question Are there sound bars that allow you to turn off bluetooth

    I was originally looking at the Vizio 2.1 Theater Sound Bar - V21-H8 until I read a user comment that the bluetooth feature could not be turned off. According to the post, his usage of the sound bar was frequently getting interrupted by requests to pair with someone else's device and forcing...
  7. B

    Question Thinking of upgrading my PC but I'm not sure where to start/what I need. Could someone help me out?

    I have an old smaller pc with the following hardware: Device name DESKTOP-N5R16I8 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB Device ID BF88ED77-43E0-4777-9DF0-D64979FB882D Product ID 00330-80000-00000-AA315 System type 64-bit operating...
  8. Rajdip8974

    Question Will cooler master 450 watt psu be enough for this pc build?

    I have following components in my pc build- Ryzen 5 3600 Zotac gtx 1660ti gigabyte b550 ds3h wifi 2× 8 gb ddr4 ram 1×nvme 500gb 1× ssd 500gb argb cabinet with 4 fans 24 inch gaming monitor Gaming keyboard Gaming mouse
  9. xBHSx

    Question Which SSD should I buy for long term reliability?

    Hello, I am considering buying a new SSD since currently I have a Kingston A400 120 GB SSD for my OS, which works fine (it got lil bit slower since I bought it 3 years ago). Now I want to buy a reliable SSD with decent read/write speed to store my games. I've been searching and reading reviews...
  10. NaClKnight

    Build Advice Budget Gaming - Picking (used) AMD or (used) Intel CPU/Motherboard

    Putting together a budget gaming build for a friend. After accounting for GPU, Storage, Case, PSU, they have $200 USD left for CPU, Motherboard, and RAM. This rules out new parts, even an intel 12100 + DDR4. They're fine with buying used components but don't know what to buy, and fine with...
  11. K

    Question Budget VA monitor vs budget IPS monitor

    Searching to buy a monitor for my ryzen 5600g setup (will buy a GPU later). My main problem on choosing a monitor is, should it be a VA or an IPS monitor? (budget up to 230€)
  12. LORYT699

    Question Under 70€ keyboard

    Hi, My keyboard just got 1 keycaps broken and amazon will give me back the money It was a logitech g413. I got 1 keyboard(mechanical) before and it was just a mess(drevo tyrfing v2), then another g413 with the same problem. I m searching a sturdy mechanical with any back light(for writing during...
  13. X

    Question Best all-around laptop for 1500£?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new laptop for some light gaming and video editing. It should be quite easy to transport as I travel a lot, so I'd like it to be not too heavy. I'd also prefer a more "elegant" laptop, rather than a classic gaming laptop with a very flashy keyboard and colour...
  14. Y

    Question Help me choose between these two laptops (Coding/Gaming)

    Hello, I'm looking for a budget laptop I will be using for both light gaming and mostly Coding/Studying. Those are the only two I can afford right now and are in stock here in my country. Laptop 1: MSI GF63 Thin 11UC-875NL Screen/Size: 15.6 Inch - 1920 x 1080 - 144 hz -IPS CPU: i5-11400H...
  15. PowerPCFan

    Question I can’t find a motherboard!

    I have a really tight budget of around 200-300 dollars. I was following the 200 dollar pc build from Zac‘s tech turf on YouTube. I found all the parts he got for the same price except for the motherboard. He used a zotac a55 itx in his video. I couldn’t find any (not even that one) that were...
  16. F

    Question Before I buy - - - - are there any known issues with the Lenovo Legion 5 ?

    Hello! Since there's pretty severe issues with power supply in my country and I kind of want to keep doing my job from home, I think of buying a laptop that can run without the need to be plugged in a power socket for ideally 8 hours straight or for let's say 4-5 hours. To do my job I install...
  17. brigadioras

    [SOLVED] Advice on a new system

    Hello! I hope you guys are doing well. The time has come to build a new PC. I thought what would be a better place than tomshardware to ask for some advice. My budget is around 500 EUR (will be using my old GPU for now) and I have a few questions. I have settled on the new i5-13400f (since...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] What would be the best spec upgrade strategy for me?

    I am looking for a significant bang for the buck upgrade with, let's say, a budget of 500 to 700 euro's, or preferably, less if possible. My machine intention is gaming. Now I do not want to say my rig lets me down, as it's a pretty solid bang for the buck rig with reasonable good performance...
  19. X

    Question Looking for a decent motherboard + CPU + RAM

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a decent motherboard + CPU for 1080p gaming, I want to pair it with a RX 580 8GB, I don't want to spend over £150 altogether as I'm on a tight budget, I think for newer ones it might be impossible for that price range, but I don't mind buying them used and older...
  20. E

    Build Advice Budget gaming Build 800$ - 1000$

    Hello, I’m trying to make a budget build for 1080p Gaming - 60fps is okey for me. My current budget is 800$ - 1000$ I've tried to make something with help from https://www.logicalincrements.com/ My build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/rcVQgb Mainly building this to play the new Dragonflight...
  21. A

    [SOLVED] Rtx 2060 for ~$240

    Hello guys, i build my pc about 2 years ago with a ryzen 5 3400g and has been running it with the igpu (vega 11) till now. And has been planning on buying a rtx 2060 super for about $370 or a rtx 2060 12gb for around $353. But now i came across a very good deal for a rtx 2060 6gb for almost...
  22. S

    Build Advice Need a PC build review/ suggestions to change parts ?

    I am trying to build a new PC that will be mainly used for Photo/ Video editing (Premiere Pro , Photoshop etc.,) and a little bit for gaming as well. Here is my build below AMD B450 AORUS Motherboard - Rs 11,800 INR AMD RYZEN 7 5700x processor...
  23. D

    Question Is that budget PC build good for the price?

    Hello, hope you’re all doing well. I'm about to build a budget PC that will be mainly used for software development, browsing and gaming(World of Warcraft, League of Legends) and some other low spec games, so I was wondering if that spec build is good for the price? I'm open to suggestion for...
  24. ringmany

    Question Thoughts on £1200 gaming PC build?

    Hi everyone, Building a gaming PC for my friend with a budget of around £1000-1400. I'm a bit out of the loop since I haven't built a PC in around 3 years, so a lot has changed in times of hardware, GPU prices etc. A user on another post suggested this build...
  25. A

    Question Entry level GPU for partner

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my partner's GPU, a 1050 ti, to something a bit newer as she has expressed it's starting to struggle. She does video editing and plays games but doesn't use her PC for the biggest and newest games at 120fps ultra. Really, she just needs something newer that will...
  26. S

    Question Which SSD Should be better for my old Gaming PC?

    My PC Config is: Mother board: Asus H81M-E (Sadly one Ram slot is not working but still works) Intel i5 4590 3.30Ghz MSI GTX 970 8GB RAM DDR3 HDD: Disk 1 : 1 TB Western Digital Disk 2 : 3 TB Western Digital I want to buy a SATA III SSD for PC. Which Brand SSD (Samsung/ Transend/Kingston/Western...
  27. yuka

    Question Possible bottleneck?

    I'd like to know if I should get this gpu with this cpu combo, I'm afraid there might be a bottleneck so, im a little bit skeptical on it, btw, I intend to play almost every game at 1920x1080 besides games like valorant or csgo where i play at 1280x960 or 1024x768. i5 9400f 8x2 2666mhz and i...
  28. X

    Question Is GTX 1050 fine fpr gaming?

    I am looking at a lightly used GTX 1050 on Kijiji for $100, is it worth it, if I am doing just light, not crazy demanding games? TheHunter: Call of The Wild
  29. DiabloDizzy

    [SOLVED] Non XMP Overclocking

    I'm still don't understand about ram overclocking Just straight to the point For example Ryzen 3 4100 Asus A320M-K (Both of them support up to 3200Mhz) What if i'm using a Value Ram that rated speed at 2666Mhz and it doesn't have XMP Support? Can i overclock it over 2666Mhz? ) Does any ram...
  30. Z

    Question Which B450 should i get?

    I got an Asus B450M Dragon for pretty cheap (418 TL / 24 USD) but the gpu slot got broken so i'm returning it. I gotta get a new board but i'm trying to stay on budget and i can't get the same board again because it went up in price. Keep in mind that i live in Turkey and while it might seem...
  31. P

    Question How Good is the ASUS ExpertBook B1500?

    Hi, everyone. A non-technically-inclined person asked me for some advice on getting a new laptop. I was browsing around on Amazon.co.uk and found this ExpertBook B1500. I was looking at reviews of it on different sites, and most seem to list as a good laptop at the 700 pounds mark, but here it's...
  32. WhatLuck150

    [SOLVED] How much of a impact does a CPU bottleneck have in a game?

    I had a i5 3550 with a GTX 780, and was able to play fortnite without any stuttering, the GPU failed entirely so i replaced it with a RX 6500xt (supposed to be a slight upgrade from the 780), and now the game is stuttering on low settings. any idea?
  33. hiimjohnn

    Question How to stream with my laptop with a budget second PC dedicated for streaming ?

    So basically I want to stream with my laptop with a budget 2nd PC dedicated for streaming to take off the load that comes with streaming. Ive heard of dual PC but never heard of laptop + pc Is this possible? what do I need? And how much would that cost me?
  34. A

    [SOLVED] New budget pc built for development & gaming need advice

    Hey guys I'm building a new desktop pc for development, coding, video editing, gaming, running few vm's including Ubuntu, macOs, android & couple light distributions, streaming 4k 60fps & a media server like Jellyfin for streaming on an android tv device, an android phone & an android tablet...
  35. T

    [SOLVED] Recommend me some cases that are budget, and NOT tempered glass?

    So, there are no end of sub £50 cases available that are good with tempered glass designs. That's nice, as RGB and clean cabled managed builds are the thing now. But what if I'm old school - I want metal on all sides, and I don't care if it looks clean because I never see it? Make it messy and...
  36. Muhammad Jahid

    [SOLVED] Biostar H510MX/E 2.0 Vs MSI H510M-A PRO

    I am planning of building a low budget pc with Cori3 10105. I have two options for motherboard: i) Biostar h510mx/e 2.0 ii) Msi h510 A-pro Because of the cheap price, can I choose this particular biostar motherboard over msi? Is there any performance difference between these low budget...
  37. M

    [SOLVED] Upgrading to modern CPU (On Budget)

    Hello kindly, I would love to have your advice about which CPU is best suited for my Budget & Need; as I would like to upgrade my Build to an up to date Budget build capable of running current and upcoming games at (only) 60FPS at 1080P. Edited: My budget is 500 in total & I don't mind a 2nd...
  38. T

    Question Budget laptop recommendations (~$550-850USD) w/ good cooling and durability

    Hey folks! I'm in the market for a solid budget laptop. My budget is $550 to $850USD. It'll be used for work and some gaming. The most intensive games I will be looking to play would be Call of Duty Warzone and Apex Legends. Other than those 2, I play loads of MTG Arena. I've listed my...
  39. kaamani

    Question Budget Prebuilt or Selected 5600g Series

    Does anybody know any good prebuilt, or websites where others have selected the parts for a 5600g builds? I'm really new to PC Building, gaming and I'm afraid I'll spend my money and mess everything up.
  40. kaamani

    Question What are some good budget motherboards for AMD 5000 Series?

    I'm new to PC Building and I'm going to be building my first build soon. My budget is 1000 CAD, since GPU prices aren't the best right now I've decided I'll go with a 5600g and use the iGPU from it for gaming. I'm trying to find a budget motherboard that has WIFI so I can just hook it up; no...