[SOLVED] Expert help needed about repasting laptop cpu!

Hello and thanks for your time! I have question about reapplying thermal paste to an older laptop. I have a Toshiba Satellite L55-A laptop that i am using for a Windows XP retro gaming system.
It has a Core I5 3337u 2c/4t CPU and an adequate cooler design with 1 copper heatpipe and 1 fan. The laptop sits in a desk drawer that is typically closed under my monitor, however i don't think airflow is an issue.
I recently opened it to install an SSD and i discovered that there was only a small amount of dust in this laptop. I had dusted this laptop about a year ago, and I wasn't surprised to find little dust in it since it hasn't been used much for awhile.
Running Prime 95 v29.4 and monitoring CPU in HW monitor, the CPU reaches about 83-84c and turbos to 2.5-2.7ghz. Opening the drawer the laptop sits in doesn't change the temperatures at all or a small amount (maybe 1 degree) so airflow is not a restriction. Older games do cause the fan to spin, but i doubt temps are very high as the CPU isn't stresses much. I am aware 84 degrees will keep my CPU at full turbo and isn't particularly dangerous, however I would like to quiet the fan noise and bring the temps down a bit. I doubt the paste has been changes since it was made in mide 2013, so do you think a re-paste would help much even though the temps arent too high?
New thermal compound might help bring the system temps down a couple of degrees but that might not help with the fan noise.
The older those fans get the higher the sound.
You could try replacing the fan and that could help to lower the sound a bit.
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The repaste helped a lot. The old paste was quite hard but running prime 95 before removing the heat sync made the goo a bit easier to get off. After a dust and new "thermal paste" the temperatures hover around or below 70c in prime 95 running for a few minutes. I was out of arctic paste so i used toothpaste+petroleum jelly, which actually is better than you would expect: -15c and it doesnt harden. I have been running toothpaste+petroleum jelly an another older laptop for abour 1.5 years and it hasn't hardned like you would expect, although the laptop only sees occasional use.
I am going to try it on a Dell Latitude laptop.
I will go with a plain low abrasion toothpaste.
I have Crest MultiCare which I have used to remove stuck compound and sand the CPU lid.
I don't think that will do.
Which one did you used?
I do have compound, but just want to see the difference in cooling performance.

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