Question External monitor stuck on Dell logo... but not laptop ?


Aug 18, 2018
I am totally baffled. If the client restarts his computer and the lid of the laptop (connected via HDMI) is closed, the Dell monitor that the laptop is connected to just hangs at the Dell logo. If we restart with the lid open, and the screen does not display on the monitor, it boots up fine. Dell monitor is connected via HDMI to a Dell laptop that is only about a year old. Client rarely shuts down so mainly notices when the computer restarts after an update. Only change in system occurred in March when Win 11 was installed, but client only reported the issue this week (June 21).


My thought is that the lid of the laptop is interfering with internal video connections or cables.

Only takes one pin being disconnected or otherwise rendered unusable to disrupt signals and communications between laptop and the monitor.

Could get worse with other problems then appearing. May get to the point where the monitor fails to work/appear even with the laptop lid open.

I would have the laptop checked. Needs to be opened and inspected.

Hopefully just a connector being pressed just a bit when the lid is closed and all that may be necessary is to re-arrange and secure the applicable connector and cable.