Feb 6, 2010
Good Evening Gentlemen (and Ladies),
Having been directed to this site for a year or so now by internet colleagues, for benchmark dicussions and so forth, I decided to put my quesiton here. I have bought a Ezcool 800W Tornado PSU and popped into my Phenom II 955, 4 gb Crucial ram and 4890 system as my 500w i doubt would power it. When under high load the psu makes a small high pitch whirring sound. My old PSU never made one so i was curious to know what people think it might be. It not loud that it causes annoyances but I am curious to know what exactly causes it to do so. Any help would appreciated.
Yours Respectfully Malkeri


Nov 8, 2006
I would have to say that its a poor quality psu. I have never heard of Ezcool. Under a full load the psu is just running under big stress and its components are make a pitch sound. My suggestion would be to get a better known psu (brand name) before that psu causes damage to other components in your system.
Availability of the power supply appears to be limited to the UK and possibly Europe.

I could not find a competent technical review so I do not have a basis for a valid opinion.

I checked a power supply manufacturers database and could not find the brand name.

That's because it's not a very competent PSU or manufacture.

@OP EZCool are pretty poor quality, I've blown up a couple of them over the years and it didn't always take too much to do it either.