Fast Writes???

Sorry a little pressed for time at work so I'll give you FastWrites according to Adrian Rojak's Pot (whose site is down, or else I would've linked you there);

<font color=purple></i>This BIOS feature controls the chipset's AGP Fast Write capability. Fast Write is a feature which accelerates memory write transactions from the chipset to the AGP device.

Normally, any data meant for the AGP device must be written to the main memory for the AGP device to read. Fast Write allows the AGP device to bypass the main memory and directly access the data. To do so, the AGP device will act as a PCI device whenever the chipset attempts to write to it. This allows the data to be directly written to the AGP device (like other PCI devices), instead of being written to the main memory first.

As you can see, bypassing the main memory saves time and improves the AGP read performance. However, AGP writes (to the chipset) will not benefit from Fast Writes as it will follow normal AGP protocol and write to main memory.

In addition, while PCI signals are used for Fast Write transactions, the behaviour of those PCI signals has been modified and do not follow PCI specifications. Therefore, this feature may cause problems with some PCI cards.

Therefore, it is recommended that you enable AGP Fast Write for better AGP read performance but disable it if any of your PCI cards start acting funny.

Please note that for AGP Fast Write to work, both motherboard chipset and graphics card must support the Fast Write protocol and the data transfer rate must be at AGP2X or faster.
</i></font color=purple>

What do they do for me. F'up my system. Ever since Catalyst 3.7, all previous ones gave me no problems. Also I have less problems with it when using Win2K over XP (I can play Worrowind on Win2K with them on no problem, not on XP [1-2 mins then crash]), but I stil haven't figured that out yet.
It does effect performance if you check the Catalyst review I posted it meant a few hundred extra points in 3Dmark01 and about 40points in 3Dmk03 (consistently). However I would say the difference is small in most cases. Even in FiringSquad's review of COD it proved to add maybe 0.1-1.0 fps.
If you can then definitely leave them enabled, otherwise turn them off.

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Jan 13, 2003
Fast Writes <---- Me trying to finnish a long post when I have to go pee....

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