Question Faulty RAM Stick ?

Sep 3, 2022
Hey, I was upgrading to a new CPU last friday and during the process one of my ram sticks stopped working...

All my slots seem to be working with the working RAM Stick, but whenever plug in the "faulty"one it just doesn't boot or anything, just lights up the RAM RGB & starts showing the C5 code... (I got couple of ESD discharges during the build process (not to the PC itself), but I don't think it affected the memory or mobo? but not sure on that).


I also had to update my BIOS for the new CPU and I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it?

Update: Tried again today, still no go, as I said all my RAM Slots seem to be working just fine with the 1st RAM, yet whenever I insert the 2nd one(by itself or paired with 1st) I get a boot error C5 for a minute and then code 0d and no POST.
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does faulty stick let you boot if its only stick?
if so, Try running memtest86 on it, up to 4 passes. Only error count you want is 0, any higher could be cause of the BSOD. Remove/replace ram sticks with errors.
Memtest is created as a bootable USB so that you don’t need windows to run it

You might need to rma the set and get a new pair that do work. If you have proof of purchase anyway.

None of the BIOS updates mention changing ram settings -

Your top link was setting off my AV so i killed it
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Sep 3, 2022
Think it booted but didn't post with the faulty one alone, tried that on Friday so not sure anymore...
I'll try the ramtest tomorrow@at work atm, the ram was bought almost 4 years ago and is outta warranty, might grab a new pair if these are indeed faulty.