Question first time assembling a productivity only dual monitor setup + important specs ?

Nov 2, 2020
hey y'all,
so until recently i've been using my dad's old iiyama ProLite E2473HDS monitor in tandem with my lenovo yoga c940 - 14 " laptop. Because of their difference in screen size and me going to college to study computer sciences i've been meaning to upgrade to either a dual monitor setup or one widescreen monitor. My will just be off to the side functioning a semi desktop pc.
Since i'll be using my new setup only for coding and summing up lectures i feel like investing into a 4k monitor would be pointless. So now i'm debating whether i should invest into two cheaper 1440p monitors (like the Phillips 245E1S) and ditch my dad's old ProLite or use the ProLite together with a more expensive 1440p monitor (like the Dell U2518D). An ultra wide monitor is an option too, however i think that the extra money i'd have to shell out to even come close to the screen real estate of a dual monitor setup might not be worth it since i don't game at all.
What do you guys think ? Since i've never worked with a dual monitor setup before i'm afraid i'll just end up wasting money by going for the cheapest option, only to realize after a while that it's just not working out for me.

Also i'm wondering what monitor specs are the most important for productive use only. I guess only resolution and size should matter; ppi, refresh rates, input lag, panel and color accuracy not so much right ?

Thanks for all answers :)


I like dual monitors instead of one wider one, and also keeping the screens matched. You don't really need anything past size and resolution you want. Of course you want some basic quality standards so the display looks good, if you are looking at a Dell Ultrasharp models those are very good screens, and they are often on sale for older models.