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    Question Best monitor for max 260€ for gaming and productivity

    Hi everyone, I'm in need to buy a new monitor, but have literally no experience in buying those and youtube reviews are not helping, there's so much choice out there and when you don't know what to look for its just overwhelming. I will be mainly using the monitor for productivity, I'm a web...
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    [SOLVED] Build help

    So I could do with some help guys n gals. I want to upgrade my pc graphics cards and I'm wondering what you guys can suggest. My motherboard is a lenovo isxm6 I have 16gb ram Intel i5 2400 processor And a 500 watt power supply. And a Asus geforce 710 2gb graphics card and its low profile...
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    Question Is a 520w PSU good enough?

    I already have the PSU, I'm just wondering if it will be good enough. I'll be using it for my fx6300(planning to OC), PNY GTX 1060 6gb.
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    Should i return my Vega 64?

    At the start of January I purchased a Rx Vega 64 Nitro + for 460€. I have a Ryzen 2700x and a Freesync monitor. Everything works well. The GPU is cold as **** [Moderator note: redacted heavy profanity. OP - remember that this is a family friendly forum.] Is a beast. But im thinking of...
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    [SOLVED] looking for a motherboard, no budget limit.

    hi i am going to install i5 8 gen 8600k coffeelake VR ready unlocked processor so which one is a better motherboard ? MSI B360M or MSi Z370 PC PRO
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    [SOLVED] GPU Upgrade Help

    So I have a GA 78LMT USB3 R2 motherboard and I am looking to buy the FX6300 in the next week, so then that leaves me with my GPU, I currently have the GTX 760 windforce and I would like to upgrade, now what are my best options for minimal bottlenecking and best results? Open to NVIDIA or AMD...
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    [SOLVED] 5820k Vs 9600k

    Hello ! I am building a new pc and i am not sure which cpu+mobo to pick.... Currently i have two options Option 1 : I5 9600k Z390 aourus pro 16 gb ddr4 3000mhz 850w psu m2 240gb ssd total cost : 625 euros (all parts come new with warranty from a store) Option 2 : I7 5820k Asus rampage v...
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    Pc build for an artist that games and streams it all

    Hey there! I have a budget of $700-$1100 for a pc that works with a cintq 22" that can also handle video editing, animation, zbrush/blender and digital illustration (using programs like photoshop, clip studio, and other adobe cloud programs). I also stream on twitch and love playing games like...
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    Changing old motherboard, what parts do i need to replace

    Here are my current parts: CPU Intel Core i5-4670K GPU Nvidia GTX 1070 SSD Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB HDD WD Green 2TB (2011) RAM Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 1600 C9 2x4GB MBD MSI Z87-G45 GAMING im planning to upgrade cpu to i5-8400 and upgrade into ddr4 16gb ram, and im wondering if i need to...
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    Display illuminates but remains black

    My Dell laptop (not sure what model it is all the stickers have been peeled off) started displaying a black screen when turned on. The backlight comes on but does nothing. The Dell splash art doesn't even appear except if I press Ctrl alt delete, and then says no boot device found. It then says...
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    cpu available for a22 /dell 755 usff

    dell optiplex 755 usff can i get a q6600 quad cpu working in there it says cpu something but won t boot bios 1.10 a22 maybe i will wait for newer firmware but the 8400core26meg cache works great 800mhx hyperx memory is perfect i saw some 4gigmemory but without 4 cores no need to do that...
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    Are my specs good enough for MC shaders

    Im going to get a laptop with 8gb of ram and a Ryzen 5 2200u. Will this be sufficient to run heavily modded Minecraft with shaders over 30fps. My biggest concern is that the GPU lacks the horsepower and that shaders may take to much ram as the CPU and GPU share only 8gb of ram. Can anyone with...
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    I need the size if my motherboard.

    I have a HP Compaq 8200 CMT PC. But my cpu socket dead. What is the size of the motherbord? I need to know this because i want to buy a another motherbord. Is it ATX? Can a MicroATX board sit in my pc? Can you recommend a new motherboard? Thanks for helping.
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    Sooo... a question here

    At one point, some family member had a bright idea of connecting 20+ devices to a LAN wirelessly at the same time. Although the problem is gone, I would like some reasons I can explain to that family member in particular not to have that many people connected at the same time. Because I swear...
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    New Gaming PC advice

    Hey Guys! I am looking to purchase a new PC mainly used for gaming and maybe some music production. I have a budget of £2000 Would prefer Intel if possible. But if you can think of any really good AMD set ups then go ahead. I will be building it so please could you recommend a system with...
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    My Nvidia MX150 throttles at 63 degrees. How do I stop this?

    Laptop is an Hp envy 13 w/ i5 8250u and 8gb of ram. My cpu is happy up to 80 degrees and the manufacturer default limit is 94 degrees on the mx150. So why is the current limit on my card so low? I can't increase the limit through the bios or afterburner. Is there some other way I could increase...
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    CPU is going around 90 C when playing games

    When I play games like CS:GO and Fortnite my CPU temperture goes up to 90 almost 100 C. I've had my pc for about two weeks now and I am using a i5 7500 with a stock cooler. Is it safe to have the temp be this high or can my pc break because of it
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    What is a good price to sell my 4-year-old PC in 2018?

    I have a 4 years old gaming pc with: MSI GTX 970 4GB i7 4790K 16GB RAM Could it be sold up to £500? What is a reasonable price to sell it? I don't know much about this and I need your help. Thank you, guys!
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    My new PC Crashes at stock settings

    I built a new pc recently, not my first build, but I have a strange problem. With all settings at stock, no XMP, auto settings on the CPU, my pc crashes when I stress test it with Intel Burn test or Cinebench. I have an ASUS PRIME Z370-A, 16 GB RAM Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB 3200 Mhz (I checked...
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    SSD disappeared after loading default bios settings

    The laptop in discussion is Lenovo Y520-15IKBM. The problem story, in order: 1. Wanted to update BIOS as lenovo utility asked me to 2. Went into BIOS and selected Load Default Settings (bios update setup told me to do so) 3. At this time, everything crashed. Laptop won't boot into windows...