Fitting old hardware into a new case..


Mar 26, 2009
Hey guys,
At the moment im looking to shrink my case a bit. I have never looked into building a micro-atx system befor and i've run into a few questions regarding the hardware I allready got and the new pieces im looking to fit. The system im using at the moment:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600+
3GB Kingston PC6400
Club 3D GeForce PCI-E 9800GT 512MB DDR3 2xDVI

Motherboard, case and fan is what im going to replace and i've been looking at:


Antec NSK1480

Now for the questions, im going to be using this both as a media center but also as a secondary computer for gaming. Games I will be looking to play on this will mainly be MMOs(Such as Darkfall, Dark age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, ect.) using it for secondary characters. Maybe a bit of quake3 so nothing too heavy as long as it can run on the system with decent performance, im fine with low or medium settings.

Im kind of at a lose as to what fan to get for the CPU, reason im replacing the one i got is because its somehow gotten crooket and is making a terrible noise when the load gets a bit heavy. Im just wondering if any ol' fan will fit the case, im guessing it will though?

Im also wondering if the gfx I got will fit into motherboard/case without blocking the PCIex1 port? And if it would even be necessary to put my current gfx card in? Since the motherboard got a build in one and I really have no clue if that one would meet my meager needs?

The PSU im using at the moment, is a 700w and I see on the specs of the NSK1480 that a 350w is supplied with the case, is there any reason why my old one shouldnt fit in this case?

I'm not looking to spend a great deal on the hardware, but if anyone got alternatives to the motherboard or suggestions for a decent lowish noise fan im open to suggestions.
And I think that is it for now, your time and help is greatly appreciated.
Your power supply will fit . The mounts are the same for all ATX cases. Some cases are shorter than others and that means less room between the psu and the dvd drive so getting the cables in can be tricky.

A gfx card with a double height cooler will block the pci-e x1 slot , the reference design cooler on an 8800 gt wont block the slot . Look at the back of your card. Does it have a back plate that covers two slots?
But its a moot point because I dont think the case you want is wide enough for a gfx card . According to theres only 65 mm clearance to fit a cpu cooler and that means that only half height gfx card will fit .

Sorry, but the 9800 gt is not going to fit

Your PSU will NOT fit in that case, nor will your full-height GPU. You can use a micro-atx case, but not a slim one. You could use a cube-type case, which will allow a standard PSU and full-height cards, but in either case you'll need to use a low-profile CPU cooler. has lists of the best and/or quietest coolers of various types and sizes.