Flat Panel blunder


Jul 18, 2003
Fantastic job doing a review on a monitor that is nearly impossible to find. Your pricing on the monitor was a little off as well, as to buy one of this monitors, from the UK of course, would cost around $450-500.

The flat panel reviews have been inconsistant up to this point. The lack of comparison, the mixed signals... How many monitors are now the best? Three? Four? This is rediculous. There are many other monitors out there that have yet to be reviewed as well.

What the hell is going on?


Feb 19, 2003
Which monitor and review would that be? Details, details...

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Sorry to read that you're so angry.
I know it's difficult to find the Q17, sorry, Hyundai told me that it was available all around the world. Now I see, just like you, that we can easely find some Q17A and L70S.

As I wrote in another post, I had Hyundai on the phone.

Even if they say sometimes something else, in fact, all their displays do actually use the same panel, the one with a response time of 20 ms.

When the display is given for 20 ms, that means TR Typ. = 20 ms. This response time is an average.

Some Hyundai displays, like the L70S, are given for 16 ms. In fact, they use the same panel. But this time the TR is not typ., but max. But as they have confirmed it to me, it's just a marketing argument to be on the same level than AU.

There is one exception. There's been a panel's shortage. Hyundai had to use one time some AU panels instead of his owns. 400 L70S, of 10 000 pieces, use AU panels instead of Hyundai. Most of them have been sold on the German market, around 20 pieces were sold in France.

About the ICC profiles given in the review, they are just available with the Q17 with D-Sub AND DVI. For the other versions, even if the panel is the same, the settings are different. Different electronic, different OSD... Same for the profiles and, sorry, we don't have them. But even without these profiles, these displays are very good!

About the entire review now.
The point was that there are more than 100 LCD 17", but that the best ones are the ones with response time under 20 ms. And the conclusion is that between the 16 and the 20 ms, we prefer the 20 ms. ALL the 20 ms.
And yes, I write it again, all the 20 ms have to be considered as very good displays. What's the problem with it?