Question Flickering/Glitching along edges in all games - Aliasing problem ?

Jan 7, 2021
Hey everyone,
Starting about two weeks ago I started experiencing graphical issues in almost all my games (Terrible in a few, annoying in many, non-existent in some). The game it is most noticeable in for me is Cyberpunk. It seems to be some issue with aliasing and it causes edges to shimmer, flicker, and move like chainsaw blades, even when I am not moving. This seems to be an old curse that infects people's PCs with no direct fix to date! I've even found a discord of 500+ people trying to solve this since 2013. I'm just at a complete loss, it makes certain VR games unplayable (Boneworks).

Here is what my Cyberpunk looks like:

My Specs:
Intel Core i7-7700k (~ 2 years old)
-Cooled by H100iv2 Corsair Water Cooler
2x8GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM (~3 Years Old)
EVGA GEFORCE RTX 2080 Super (bought 6 months ago)
Gigabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI motherboard (~3 Years Old)
1080p 144Hz Monitor

Things I have tried that have improved the issue (all of which either is band-aid fixes that cause other issues or are only available in some games):
  • Increasing DLSS in cyberpunk helps to remove the issue but causes extreme blurriness
  • Increasing MSAA to 8x in Boneworks seems to help a little bit, but decreases FPS
  • Increasing the resolution that the game is rendered at and then having Nvidia compress it back to 1080p seemed to help the issue, but caused massive performance drops
  • Cranking all settings to ULTRA:RAYTRACING in Cyberpunk seems to help as well but gives me about 10FPS
Things I have tried that have not helped at all:
  • Almost every single setting I have gone through in the Nvidia control panel has had no effect (I test everything in Cyberpunk where it is most visible)
  • a couple of things in Nvidia profile inspector such as changing the LOD negative bias
  • Reinstall of Windows through windows
  • Complete reformatting of windows drive and reinstallation of windows through my Windows USB
  • friend's GPU (GTX 1070)
  • game install drive (the drive doesn't seem to matter, SSD/HDD)
  • Monitor/Monitor Cable (tried on my 60Hz monitor with an HDMI instead of DisplayPort I use on my main monitor)
  • Reverting to older graphics Driver
  • DDU
  • BIOS is up to date
  • I've tried more, I just can't think of them all
I really need help here guys, if anyone knows any possible solution please let me know, I'm desperate! It must be a hardware issue, right? I feel that a clean install of windows would have reset any software problem, no?
Feb 14, 2021
YO , i think this problem is in the psu
I assembled one with new components and I realized that when I changed my psu to the new mother, it started to look bad

I mention that before putting my psu, new psu with the new mother looked great in games

format your pc, get a new psu, connect it and tell me how it looks?