Framerate drop off in Games

John Carey

Mar 18, 2013
Hey guys I just built a new computer *specs below* and been having issues with framerate drop off in WoW, I usually run in high settings and originally was getting 90-100 fps, now I am getting maybe 40-50 and my video card fan scales up to 75-80 percent while I am playing. I have flashed bios to newest version from Asus, got the newest Catalyst drivers and just can't think of anything else to do to fix this issue...The only thing I think of off the top of my head was possibly with the lack of clearance from the video card to my psu in the case I have.... any ideas or thoughts on the matter would be appreciated thanks.

AMD FX 8 Core 3.4 GHZ Processor
16 Gigs of Corsair Vengeance Ram
MSI FROZR III Radeon 7850 with 2 Gigs DDR5
Seagate 10k RPM 1 Terrabyte HD
Asus M5A88-M Micro ATX Motherboard
ASUS PCIE Wireless N card
Corsair CX750 M 80 plus Bronze Certified PSU

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