Jun 9, 2012
My computer will boot up and actually reach to the Windows OS bootup, but after a new minutes, the screen will simply freeze. This freezing continues after each hard-reset, and the interval between the re-bootup and the freezing becomes shorter each time, to an extend that not even the motherboard's welcoming screen shows up. The freezing is also present even in BIOS. I cannot reinstall the windows OS, because every attempt, the screen freezes. Is this a problem with the power supply?

It is laptop samsung r478


Was there any problem with the old OS? Was it working & then suddenly not booting up so that you are trying the reinstall the OS?

If you have multiple sticks of RAM, try to remove one after the other to see if it will boot with only one.
Also can you hear the cooling fan running? Sounds a bit as though it's getting warmer and warmer and shutting down faster as a result. If after a long 'off' spell you can get into the BIOS long enough check your hardware monitoring for high temps. Physical inspection of the fan area and check for dust build-up too... Suspect if it was the Power Supply it would simply shut down due to low voltage rather than freeze..but it's still a possibility. Try booting it on battery only to see if it makes a difference.